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Valentine’s Day Crafts For Seniors – Heart Theme

Valentine’s Day is almost there and every one is thinking of some or the other craft idea for their loved ones. In this website we have shared varied craft ideas for seniors for specific occasion like thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and so on. If your loved ones are bored with same chocolates and flowers every year on the Valentine’s Day here are some ideas for you to break the routine. Gifts are the perfect way to say that you care and if someone receives a gift not only from the heart but also in the shape of a heart makes them feel really special.  Here are some very good craft ideas for seniors specifically for their valentines.

Wreath of Hearts

Wreath Of Hearts

Let’s start with Valentine’s Day decoration. Wreath of hearts would be a good idea to decorate your entrance. To create this Wreath you need:

  • Red, purple and pink construction paper
  • White paper plate
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Steak Knife

To create framework for the wreath you need to cut the center out from the paper plate. Be very careful while you use scissors. I would recommend using a Steak Knife to create a small slit in the paper plate, before applying scissors. Now, cut 12 hearts about 3 inches wide from the construction paper of all colors. Finally, glue the hearts around the frame of the wreath so they slightly overlap.

Romantic Heart Front Envelop

Another craft idea for seniors that we are sharing here is really very romantic. You would love to create a heart front envelope for the big day. You may hold a love letter or perhaps some gift voucher or tickets for something very special. To create this heart front envelop you need one sheet of square paper and then do as follows:

  • Cut it down in a shape that you like.
  • Color it on one side and keep the other side plain.
  • Follow the steps of origami and create a heart shape in the front.
  • Finally, take a colored ribbon to fasten the envelope closed.

You can make your someone special’s day more special by giving them a lovely message about how lovely they are keeping inside this hand crafted heart front envelop.

Similarly You Can Create Other Magical Crafts Like:

  1. Bookmark
  2. A Fortune Teller
  3. Hanging Ornaments
  4. Gift boxes
  5. Bead Necklace
  6. Love Bracelets
  7. Candy Rings
  8. Valentine’s Day Cards

While creating a gift for Valentine’s Day, make full use of heart theme. Keeping heart theme in the base you can create hundreds of crafts for that big day and surprise your loved ones.  You can also share with us your unique craft ideas for seniors  in this website for our visitors. Thank you in advance! Happy Valentine’s Day!