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Games for Seniors

Games are very important for seniors, especially so the older the person becomes. The reason for this is because games are both a tool and an entertainment activity. As a tool games keep the brain active and this can prevent or slow down deterioration in conditions like Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. If seniors do not keep challenging their brain then neuron connections will be cut off and deterioration is guaranteed. As an entertainment activity games for seniors are fun and engaging activities which keep the elderly happy and enjoying while at the same time benefitting the health and quality of life.

And the best part of it is – there are so many different types of games to choose from – both for individual or single play as well as for senior group activities.

Traditional games for seniors

Let’s first look at the more familiar traditional types of games available for seniors. Examples of these are:

Card games for seniors

Since almost everybody has played card games while growing up this one is a no brainer and there are so many choices available both with real cards and people as well as with the computer and with virtual friends on the internet. Some famous examples include Bridge, Pinochie and Solitaire.

Board games for seniors

A senior couple playing a board game together

Here immediately games like Bingo and Scrabble come to mind, but do not restrict yourselves, there are a huge amount of board games available. One could even play a different board game each day if needed the choice is so vast. And again they are also available on the computer and on the internet which gives even more possibilities.

Probably the best thing about board games is that not only you benefit from enjoying playing games, but you also get to socialize with others and socialization for seniors especially is very important for quality of life.

And there are so many more other choices for games for the elderly

  • Puzzles
  • Brain teasers
  • Word games
  • Riddles
  • Sudoku
  • Trivia
  • Brain training games
  • Party and group games
  • And much more

Computer and online games for seniors

Most of the games which we are able to play offline have also been translated and even improved online, so it is possible for example to play your favourite card games with beautiful graphics on the computer. And, at the same time, new games have been developed for seniors to play online both in multi player interactions and single player, constructed in such a way that it would have been impossible if we tried to make those games for seniors with pen and paper.

Examples of PC games for seniors include:

Games for seniors: Seniors playing nintendo wii bowling

  • Online multiplayer games for seniors
  • Nintendo games for seniors, which also includes the Nintendo DS platform and the Nintendo Wii console. Nintendo DS is most famously known for its Brain Academy games for the elderly as well as the Brain Age
  • Wii sports are great games for seniors and a huge amount of fun
  • Also Xbox KINECT sports and party games are fun games for seniors and incomparable to previous experiences since one is able to play without using any device, just by standing in front of the TV and moving the hands and feet according to instructions
  • Playing pool or billiard online
  • And multitude of other both traditional based and new interesting games

To conclude

Among the activities for seniors, games for the elderly are a really enjoyable way of staying healthy in the mind and keeping a high quality of life while having fun and interacting with other seniors or family members. Please feel free to see the other articles on ideas, suggestions, recommendations for games for you to play and enjoy.