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Making A Beaded Eyeglass Chain | Crafts For Seniors

Explore Your Craft Work By Adopting New Craft Ideas

Looking for creative activities for seniors or interesting crafts for seniors, then here is an exciting idea for you to use on. In the spare time, making crafts is the best use of time. In crafts, seniors can make anything which they can use in their life or can gift to friends, relatives or anyone. In such craft for seniors, beaded eyeglass chain is one of the most interesting ideas. A beaded eyeglass chain looks so beautiful and if you gift it to any of your relatives, it will make him or her feel proud on your crafting talent.

Beaded Eyeglass Chain Is Getting Popularity Day By Day

In modern time, there is a big fan following for beaded eyeglass chain. It is getting popular with a great speed. So, making a beaded eyeglass chain with your own hands is such a great idea. The way of make a beaded eyeglass chain is quite simple and can easily bring amazing outcomes. The selection of beads depends on your own choice. You can choose any color of beads and in any style. You should remember that a perfect beaded eyeglass chain requires appropriate materials.

Material Required For Making Beaded Eyeglass Chain

Beaded Eyeglass Chain

When it comes to crafts for seniors, right materials are must. For making beaded eyeglass chain, you need fairly simple equipments. A scissor and crimp pliers are the most requisite things for beaded eyeglass chain. Get a nylon wire coated with beading to string the beads. The choice of beads depends completely on you. The last required thing is an eyeglass chain. It can be found in rubber, metal bead with elastic. In addition to it, you should get crimp covers and beads which are optional.

Steps To Make Basic Piece Of Beaded Eyeglass Chain

For this craft for seniors, firstly a 30 inch long nylon wire should be cut and then it should be folded over one end. After that joint the end of the eyeglass chain to wire end and then put crimp bead in the wire’s both sides. Push the wire tightly and also crimp it well. Over strand, you can add beads. The size of beads should be only around 26-28 inches. At the end, again put eyeglass chain and crimp bead. At last, you should fold coated wire on and then run back over crimp bead. Pull the chain tightly and also crimp it.

Other Alternative Options That You Can Use In Making Attractive Beaded Eyeglass Chain

However, above mentioned steps are sufficient to make beaded eyeglass chain, but still there are few other alternatives to make it in other way. To add attractive design to it, you can include chain links and added beads. You can also attach chain section of beaded eyeglass chain with strung beads section to give different design to eyeglass chain. So, using your creativity skills, you can make exclusive crafts for seniors.