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Indoor Activities for Seniors

One of the ways to stay active for seniors is through the indoor activities for seniors. These, like all others, are very important for the elderly because they allow physical, mental and social stimulation which leads to a better quality of life, health, less or no deterioration of mental faculties and perhaps most importantly lead to a greater happiness for seniors.

Indoor activities for seniors are often completely free or inexpensive and there is so much choice that one can select either individual or group activities and still have a lot of variety.

Skill & Craft Indoor Activities for Seniors

This category is probably where most of the passion of the elderly lies. No other activity is as addictive or time consuming as this category. Here we often find the “pursuit of the soul” type of activities. Here are some ideas:

Indoor Painting & Drawing

It is not always necessary to step outside to be inspired to paint. And it is also not required to know how to paint. The only thing that is needed is the desire to do so. With “how to paint” tutorials or visualization seniors can spent many hours creating pieces of art and enrich their souls. They can share their art or not – that does not matter. And it can be as simple as shapes experimentation on paper or as complex as proper canvas painting.

Indoor Photography

Indoor Activities for Seniors - Indoor Photography Kiwi

Especially with the high quality digital cameras available at affordable prices it is possible to do some amazing photography at home or indoors for seniors, because it is possible to utilize the zoom in or macro photography to take close pictures of the most mundane objects and discover an amazing piece of art. Have you ever tried to take a photo of your own hand using macro or zoom in capabilities? The high resolution photo is amazing. Flowers, cloths and many objects produce the most amazing photos.

Playing Musical Instruments

There are many people who did not have the time to follow their heart in the younger days when it comes to matters of music. Now, for seniors, is a perfect time to pick up a guitar, a piano, a flute or any other instrument they always dreamed to play and fill the heart with love and music.

The above were just few of the examples. Naturally there are many more.

Physical Activities for Seniors

Indoor Activities for Seniors - Table Tennis

We all know that if we do not use our muscles they deteriorate. The blood stop circulating properly and the body stops getting proper nutrition and the health deteriorates. Therefore, indoor activities for seniors focusing on the physical aspect are very important. Depending on the type of the house you have and your likes and dislikes there are a range of options.

Table tennis is my favourite recommendation because it is just fun for any age and can actually be played also alone together with the wall if necessary. Dancing is also a fantastic indoor activity, but probably more interesting with more than 1 person. Then there is technology like Nintendo Wii or Xbox Kinect which provide physical activity games which can be great indoor activities for seniors.

There are of course many more choices such as fitness DVDs, weight training, yoga, pilates and there are also activities specially designed for those seniors who are physically impaired.

Brain Training & Puzzle Activities for Seniors

Exactly in the same way as I have described the physical activities for the elderly above, the same logic applies for the brain or the mind. When we do not challenge ourselves then neuron connections reduce over time and people get weaker and weaker “upstairs”. Therefore, the same way as we train our body we also train our brain through brain games, brain teasers, mind puzzles and similar activities which can all be done indoors.

Your choices for keeping your mind healthy are plenty:

Indoor Activities for Seniors - Senior Reading at Home

  • Reading is the most available and spread activity which practically any senior will enjoy
  • Writing a novel or an autobiography also challenge your mental abilities
  • Puzzles and games are great for having active fun and if time is limited
  • For those who love to travel learning even a little of the foreign languages would prove to be both practical and useful for the brain at the same time

There Are Many More Indoor Activities for Seniors

Just to list some of the multitude to inspire you:

  • Cards – pocket size, cheap and always fun
  • Board games – great for groups of seniors
  • Cooking – focus on a specific country or try various flavours
  • Crafting – wood crafting, building, renovating
  • Online games – online communities, many free online games
  • Gardening – indoor gardening is very much possible, even without the earth growing in the air!

To conclude, when thinking about activities for seniors and if restricted to indoors, never think that your choices are limited. The opportunities for discovery and fun are vast and they all will lead to a better quality of your life and more happiness and physical and mental health.