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Candy Rings For Friends

Candy Rings – Interesting Valentine Craft Idea

Valentine craft is all about love and entertainment. If you are planning for making some interesting valentine craft this season, then try candy rings idea. This is a practical and highly innovative valentine craft idea. Make several candy rings and gift it to your friends. This will be a sweet and simple gift for your mates. The most interesting thing about this valentine craft is that, it is not only for displaying, but after wearing, one can eat it. So, it is showy as well as eatable. This article will help you learning the way of making candy rings.

Way & Things That You Need For Making Candy Rings As Valentine Craft

This valentine craft requires some particular items to get. Firstly, get following mentioned items with you and then, start with further process.

  • Colored Chenille Stem for each ring. You can get ring in colors like white, red, pink, blue, purpose etc.
  • Craft glue in white color
  • Finely Wrapped Candies

After getting these items, you should proceed to the way of making candy rings. For this purpose, wrap chenille stems around the finger of a child and after that slide that off. Then, undo the chenille end loop and slide the end inside the coils. Hook it around first coil to secure that ring. After that, place wrapped candy over table and put white colored craft glue on it. After placing rings on it, leave them to get dry.

Candy Rings

Helpful Tips To Keep In Mind While Making Eatable Candy Rings As Valentine Craft

As mentioned above that you require using wrapped candies for this project, so don’t every use unwrapped candies because it will make valentine craft not only messy, but also quite sticky. Use only chenille stems that have pointing ends and keep small children away from these stems. Though, you can use any kind of candy for this project, but if you use chocolate hearts candies, then it will be awesome. Heart shaped candies are ideal for valentine craft.

Another Valentines Craft For Candy Rings Idea

In case, you want some additional information to make different type of candy rings for friends, then you can go for rock candy ring idea. For this valentine craft, you require some supplies that include scissors, white or pink gumball, blank ring with gluey surface, hot glue gun, palmer and Dryden cherry crystals rock candy and multipurpose glue along with applicator tip. For rings, you should cut gumball from mid and underside these half cut gumball, apply hot glue to blank ring. Get a shallow disk and keep crystal candy inside. Then apply glue to gumball and fill the gaps by glue and let it be there. So that it can get perfectly set. This is a great valentine craft idea and will make your valentine party more interesting than ever.