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Making an Old Book Into A Purse | Activities for Seniors

There are many different activities for seniors to choose from and one most famous and loved type of activities that seniors will really find enjoyable and beneficial is doing arts and crafts. Even for those seniors with physical and mental limitations due to the normal processes of ageing, arts and crafts as activities for seniors can still allow them to enjoy and make use of their time wisely during their senior years. There are really seniors these days that are really contented and happy with their lives, it is because they have found activities that can keep them alive. The key to choosing projects for their arts and crafts activities is not to limit their imagination and creativity.

Dictionary Book Purse

Activities for Seniors: Craft Ideas for Seniors

It is usual that every seniors have lots of things from their childhood and earlier in their lives are still with them. They keep those things as remembrance for certain significant events and for people that are important in their lives. There are also some things that are not important to them anymore, but they just do not like disposing them, such as old books. If you think old books are of no use anymore, then you are wrong. There are still a lot of possible ways to make old books that you are not using anymore useful.

Using Old Books as Activities for Seniors

Having an old hard bound book at home that has no use or whatsoever, then you can make it into something very unique and useful. What I am talking about is transforming your old hard bound book into a purse. Sounds outrageous? At first, that is what I thought, but, it really is possible. You can now use your old book and make it into a purse for you to use or give it to your friends as gifts.

Material Needed to Make an Old Book into a Purse: Activities for Seniors

You do not need any new materials to be able to make your own “book purse”. All you need to have is some old things that you do not use at home anymore. Seniors will surely be perfect in making old books into purses, since they surely find many materials of their possession that can be recycled. Here are the materials needed in making an old book into a purse:

  1. Old Book. Preferably Hard Bound.
  2. Coordinating Fabric
  3. Utility Knife (Be extra careful in handling sharp objects)
  4. Large Bore Needles and Threads
  5. A Pair of Old Bag Handles
  6. Glue
  7. Colored Markers

Activities for Seniors will be beneficial as long as they will have a great time and they love what they are doing.


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  1. How do I download or find directions on how to make its purse.