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Homemade Valentine’s Day Cards

Add More Fun To This Coming Valentine’s Day With Homemade Valentine Craft

Idea about valentine craft is such a wonderful because it is not only a cost effective way, but also will give your beloved a feeling of being special for you. In valentine craft, you can make anything may it be cards, gifts or accessories etc for your loved one. Here, we have brought up some easy and superb ideas about homemade Valentine’s Day cards. So, learn the way to make homemade valentine craft and gift it to your love, relatives or friends. These are very quick, creative and inspirational Valentine’s Day card ideas.

Start With Simple Cards As Valentine Craft With Hearts

Buying a nice looking card from market and giving it on valentine’s Day is a common idea that many of us always do. But this time, if you wish to do something different, then why don’t you make a card with your hands. You can easily make a simple looking cute card for Valentine’s Day decorated with hearts by using coordinating papers. Here, you have to punch 1 heart back with a circle and then, use adhesive foam to attach it. After that, get banner strip printed and, notch it to ends; so that your love message can be read.

Adorable Owl Styled Card As Valentine Craft

For a Valentine‘s Day card, love messages have a great relevance. It creates amazing sentiments on reader. Make a owl shaped card that is punched with several other shapes like oval scallop punch, oval punch, corner rounder etc. These punches serve simple message. Get a plain cardstock piece that should have rounded corners and center it on patterned paper. Then, attach an owl and write a love message on it. This card is ready to gift anyone.

Make A Olive Card For Your Valentine

This will be a sweet and attractive homemade valentine’s Day card. Whoever will get this card from you, will be a fan of your crafting skills. It is one of the fastest valentine craft project. In this card, you should use handmade oval cut card that will add more charm to this card. For this, you should fold a double sided piece of scrapbook paper from the mid and then, cut the olive out from it. At left side; leave folded intact and there, add hearts to make it romantic appeal. You can draw messages with use of stickers.

Handmade Guitar Themed Card As Valentine’s Day Craft

If your valentine loves music, then make a guitar themed card for him. This is a rocking valentine theme for music lovers. For this card idea, you should firstly punch circle at bottom of front half of the card and there, attach vertically 5 lengths’ string across the area center. You should tuck these 5 lengths with a paper strip and open up the back with black colored paper. On the top of the card, add stickers for letters. You can also punch some hearts because it will add romantic feel to your card.