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Throw Some Bean Bags Together And Play A Musical Trivia Game This Afternoon

Games offer quality of life to the elderly. In our society games have long been taken as a way to connect and communicate with each other. They bring people together, enhance sharing and inspire good health and laughter. They bound people with each other who otherwise have no reason for any personal connection. When we play together, we laugh together and share positive vibes with each other. Laughter is a sure remedy for many of the diseases and games do not only offer you a daily dose of your laughter medicine but also reduce stress of your personal life. A sense of Isolation is common with the age, games and other activities for the elderly eliminate the loneliness completely form their life.

Games! Isn’t that sound like a lot of fun?

Games do offer health benefits to the elderly, but no, this time a game only for the sake of the game. There are a lot of games that can bring back the same joy which you had enjoyed in your puberty or in your school days. Why not this afternoon you call up a few friends at home, throw some bean bags together and beat all those high scores that you all had created years back in a board game. You may also enjoy a cup of coffee solving a few puzzles. Choices are so many like trivia games, card games, brain teasers, word game; it’s up to you and your group what you all would like to enjoy this afternoon.

Trivia Game – Prove That Your Memory Is Intact

What about a trivia game for this afternoon? They can particularly be interesting because you can originate them from an era to challenge the remembrance and to bring back the scenes of youth. This can be a great group activity for you as during the game you may generate a lot of new stories, funny replies to some of the questions and ultimately hours of laughter. The best thing about the game is, it may cover anything that interests you. Sports, music, movies, history, and a part of history, the list is endless with trivia games.

Recognize The Tune

Let’s make the enjoyment double. Let’s play the trivia game “recognize the tune’. See, if one of you can play guitar or piano. Because it’s a musical game you would need someone to create music for the game. Select an era or a genre of your choice. If you have a book that has songs of that genre or era it’s a big plus. To start the game, one who in on the guitar or piano, will play first three notes of a song. If no one could guess the tune the guitarist will play four notes this time. The game will continue in the same way until someone recognizes the song. When the tune is recognized all can sing along and the one who recognizes gets his points.

What About Playing A Trivia Game At Your Computer

If you are not able to party at home as few of your friends are busy today, no problem! You still have chance to play trivia games for the elderly at your computer. There are so many trivia games available online to refresh your mind. If you have a little computer skills you can beat your friends and create new trivia scores daily. You can also make your own community at the internet and play not only the trivia but lot many other games too.