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Picnic Games For The Elderly | A Nice Way To Spend Time

Healthy Picnic Games & Activities For The Elderly

So you are heading off to a distant location for outdoor activities for the elderly. Well, the idea is good. What could be best planned during the summer than calling up your friends, picking a picnic basket, packing your bags with few comfy clothes and heading off to a beach or some other stunning location for a picnic? When it comes to picnic, traditional style of spending a leisurely afternoon in a picnic blanket, gossiping about old friends and neighbors was considered fun activities for the elderly. But this traditional style does not suit to most of the elderly who want to be more active and going even on a picnic day.

Choosing Some Picnic Games For The Elderly

Camping in Nature

Well, there are so many outdoor activities for the elderly that can be incorporated with a picnic event. Exciting games and fun activities for the elderly would surely add some sizzle to the event. Make sure that picnic games are not very complicated. They should fun, excitement and almost free. Here are a few games for the elderly that suits to their mental and physical well-being.

Tossing Games For The Elderly

There is a game that checks your tossing skills can be played in a picnic. The game is ideal to match with the physical strength of an average-health senior. If you are ready to make a little change you can also adopt it for the seniors who are confined to wheelchairs. For the game, you only need to arrange a horseshoe set, make sure it is lightweight and easy to carry. The simplest form of tossing game is to throw 5 lightweight ball shaped bean-bagsinto a cut-out hole or the target you already have decided. You might be thinking that it requires a good aim to win the game. Well, it isn’t completely true as luck plays a big role in the game and one of you may score highest number of point just because a few bean-bags thrown by you slid unexpectedly into the lower target nets.

Racing Activities For The Elderly

It is quite a fun to compete with your friends but how can racing or running can be fun activities for the elderly. Well, it is racing that is enjoyed by youngsters and kids but with slight adaptation. Measure off a 100 meters of length and make a group of five. With the use of stopwatch conduct a simple walking race among the five. Winners will go to the semifinal and final round. If your group can have no issues on the dexterity you may try little more adaptation to simple racing or walking by having each player carry an egg or something easily available in the picnic spot as they walk.

Activities For The Elderly Who Are Wheelchair Bound

This is a picnic for the elderly, so there must be a few of you who are wheelchair bound. But this wheelchair does not restrict elderly to participate in the games. As you may participate in singing or cracking jokes you may also take part while playing this tossing or racing games. Those of you who are on wheelchair can compete with the others on racing at the same track while sitting on the wheelchair. Participants on wheelchair can also be given with old fashioned wooden cup and ball set to see who catches maximum number of balls in their cup in a given time frame. Like racing and tossing there may be so many other games and activities for the elderly that can be enjoyed by them while they are spending their time outdoors.