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A Fun Game For The Elderly | Carcassonne With Its Exciting Expansion Packs

You must have played this board game in your college days, it’s known as Carcassonne board game. These are actually Carcassonne family games that include Carcassonne, the original Carcassonne, the city, the castle and also the kids of Carcassonne and more. These games are meant for the college students but I am sure you will love to play this fun board game with your retired buddies. Although, there are various activities for the elderly, which you enjoy more; like crossword puzzle or scribble but there is no harm in trying something more challenging, even at this age.  You may take help from your grandchildren in your family. They can help you to describe the various versions and expansion of the game. However, I have given some important facts of the game here so it won’t be that challenging.

Carcassonne Board Games Are Available In Various Expansions

There are various versions and expansions of the Carcassonne game and a few examples are – Traders & Builders, The Princess & the Dragon, King & Scout, Inns & Cathedrals and so on. Among these and more, there is one that is the most essential to play the basic Carcassonne is the ‘Traders & Builders’. Each expansion adds something new to the game such as more tiles and more wooden bits. The expansion of the game also adds shaped cardboard pieces and home plates to represent barrels of wine, cloths and grains.

The City – Most Exciting Among All Carcassonne

Carcassonne -The city itself  is the most exciting part of the board game in the entire Carcassonne family. Besides the usual tiles of any Carcassonne game, ‘The City’ adds several wooden towers that are placed against the segments of the wall that are built around the tiles. Although, this happens in the second stage of the game. In the game the  tiles are divided randomly into 3 groups, consisting equal division of 20, 25 and 30 tiles each. The game starts with the largest group. When first group finishes their chances the second stage begins. The scores are given when someone completes a structure on the tiles. Each player is given one section on the wall to complete the structure.

Adding Bonus Points To The Final Score

Each stage of the game have its own importance that adds more excitement to the game for example at the time of setting a section of the wall you may place a meeple on the top and can add extra point in the total score at the end of the game. Similarly, at the stage 2 the players have the option to add one of his/her towers on top of the wall but for that the player must have scored the required scoring that must trigger the wall building. There are so many different stages of the game that you would have fun to play and it would give you tremendous entertainment and fun. You can get complete understanding on various stages while playing and reading its instruction manual provided with the pack.

It Is A Fun Board Game For The Elderly

Fun board game like the Carcassonne- The City as well as the others have a karizma to find its players. The tactics and strategy required to play and win the game makes it appealing to the youngsters too and it is a good game that can be played as a competition between the elderly at home and their children and grandchildren. This will be the same as other games for the elderly available on varied game stores. Try it with any of its expansion and comment back your experiences.

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