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Looking For A New Game To Play This Evening – Give Risk A Try

Would you like to play Risk this evening? Don’t get me wrong, risk is not a game of risking anything, neither your life nor the money. Risk is a strategy based board game of world conquest. It would be a perfect fun idea for the elderly to compete against one another on a strategy board game such as risk. It’s already too much of playing cards and scrabble, the usual games for the elderly, by you people. Try something different, try ‘risk’ a game that could bring some war like feeling in you. It requires minimum of two and minimum six players to play this game.  Risk games are themed on war, empire and conquest but they are not really a war game. In any sense, they never make an attempt to involve the players in real situation of war or any tough military strategy.

The Game Of Multiple Exciting Phases

The board game starts with assigning territories. Each player is given equal number of army units to be placed on any of the territory. Its players own decision to place their army units on any of the territory, in any number, but by the rule each player must place at least one army unit at his own territory. Who will play the first is decided randomly. Afterwards, the turn follows in the clockwise format. In this board game the turns have multiple phases, usually in the following order: reinforcement, attack and movement.

Occupy Maximum Territories

Each player rolls the dice and the one with high roll places his army first. You can place only one army at your turn on a single territory. It continues until all the territories have been filled. The strategy here is to occupy whole continents as it rewards you with army bonuses for complete ownership. Once all the territories are filled the game move on to the reinforcement phase.  Again the dices are rolled for reinforcements.

Time To Attack And Conquer

Reinforce all your territories. You may do this by placing up 2 more armies over there. To place two additional armies you need two more turns as there is rule of one at a time. For 3 territories you control and also for entire continents you earn one army. Now the time is to attack.  Plan well and move your armies in the enemy territories. Roll to determine the winner. Considering the strength of your army and accordingly stop or continue attacking. Play until someone has occupied every territory.

Board Game With Wealth Of Variants

Risk is not a game that you would find at the suggested list of fun activates for the elderly but you will surely appreciate this change. It’s a popular strategy game that gives enough brain work to the elderlies. The game itself is easy to learn but to master risk, it requires time and experience.  You may include this board game on your favorite list of games and can also decide one day in a week like Friday or Saturday especially to play strategy board game. The game is available in good variants like, lord of rings and star wars, so it will take years to get bored with it.