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Parcheesi | A Board Game That Can Bring Back Fond Memories

Games are the best activities for the elderly and it also helps to tie them with the younger people together. It also helps to spend some quality time with their friends. There are many games that you can play and have a good time usually at weekends. Even while you are out or at home, you can always plan some gaming activities with your retired buddies or with your family members. Games for the elderly often help to keep your mind active. Retirement years are the golden years of life so live your life fully and don’t consider them as your slower years of life.

What Is Parcheesi?

Parcheesi is an interesting game for the elderly. It is a board game and the theme of the game is to race with your opponents. It was introduced in England in the year 1896 and it has been originated from the Indian game parchisi.  It is played with two dice and the main objective of the game is to move all your pawns to the home that is located in the centre of the board. Parcheesi board game in America has seventy-two spaces and out of which there are twelve spaces in which pawn is safe and cannot be captured by the other player.

Basic Rules Of Parcheesi

There are four nests or the starting points in the Parcheesi board game for the elderly. Each player can have four pawns of similar color. The game board should be positioned in such a manner that player’s starting point be on their right hand side. To start the game, each player rolls the dice and the player who gets five in the dice will be able to release pawns from the starting point. Pawns can be captured if moved piece finishes the advance in a square occupied by another piece of different color pawn. This is the most interesting thing of the game. The player whose pawn gets captured can only be released when it gets five on the dice.

Group Your Friends Together And Enjoy The Parcheesi Game For The Elderly

Parcheesi can be enjoyed by two or four players. This game for the elderly is an interesting game that gives a feeling of zeal and vigor. The player who reaches the home at the first place is the winner. Every player needs to make all their pawn reach the home and even if one pawn remains in the board, the game is still on. Also, when you throw dice and subsequently you get six number in the dice for consecutive three times, then your chance is cancelled and other player continues with his/her chance and forwards the game.

Games For The Elderly Helps In Maintaining Cognitive Aspects Of The Body

Different activities for the elderly are a good way to enjoy your time with your friends and family. Parcheesi and many other board games for the elderly also help you to engage in some fun activities that give you a feeling of being young at heart. These games and activities are quiet essential to make you emotionally stress free. Besides regular physical activities, it is also very important to work on your cognitive aspects of the body so don’t wait and plan a picnic and enjoy Parcheesi.