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Teach Yourself To Play The Guitar

None of us have a first-hand experience in everything that we come across but it’s never too late to start learning especially for seniors. Many of us might have tried and failed but our deepest passion and desire to learn never fades ,believe me it’s not so complicated either .With a few simple steps and a little more concentration along with the excitement goes a long way and you will be surprised to see that you have actually learned quite quickly, so go on and embrace yourself with the desire to learn to play the guitar on your own.

At the beginning you might be really frustrated but just imagine yourself playing your favorite song and how fabulous everyone would be astonished to see what you have achieved, so rest your fingers and listen to your own sound and say to yourself that you can do it, let’s get started. Here we can show you how you can learn more with few simple steps:

Buying a Guitar

When you buy a guitar don’t just go by how the guitar looks but see what it feels like to really hold one right. Since you will be practically using it every day, you may also want to try the sounds to see how the strings (vibration) sound, you may look for Ibanez or Gibson’s which offer a variety of sizes.

Most important buy a guitar that best suits your style.A good beginner’s instrument can cost around 100 to 200 dollars, Now that the instrument is acquired let’s understand how the chords work.

Understand the Chords

At the neck of the guitar you see the chords starting from the top, the Chords Vertically which are E1, B2, G3, D4, A5, and E6.The numbers represent the pitch from higher to lower.E1 being the highest.

There are many books that are available with pictures that help us to learn the finger positions accurately. It’s important to refer to images because the classic guitars are technically more different than the acoustic or electric guitar. The below picture is how all the chords look and the Guitar neck looks the same for all varieties.

Now let’s understand the numbers that are horizontal (1st,2nd 3rd 4th )these are your finger position ,take a look at your left hand and the 1st finger we mentioned is your index finger and so on as 4th being your pinky.

We do not use our thumb so let’s not confuse our self’s .Now whats a chord? A chord is simply three or more notes sounded together.

With this we have understood the chord and strings and the finger positions.

Understand Sounds

Now please be deliberate and press each chord from Low to High several times to understand  the sound it makes, and let the sound ring and feel the sound it makes each time you strike a different chord .And most important teach yourself as many different fret hand positions to play and listen to how different one chord is from the other, be patient and let the ring fade appreciate yourself cause you are doing a brilliant job.

Now place your 2nd finger on the 2nd fret of the D string, then pluck and ring on the string and play the notes one at a time for a couple of times your fingers might hurt a little but the pain goes away when you hear yourself play. Now that we have practiced the guitar a few times or few days you might have already started loving the way the music sounds to your ears, believe me this is as important as learning to play because your ears also need to coordinate the sounds simultaneously .In the same way we can also learn to play the Piano independently if we know and understand the musical notes and there sounds.

Enjoy Playing The Guitar

Enjoy playing the guitar and the more you practice and listen to your favorite song that you want to play makes all the difference of how much you have learned and practice goes a long way.