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Winter Craft For Seniors – Holiday Quilts

Holiday Quilts – A Brilliant Winter Crafts Idea For Seniors

Seniors who love doing some creative craft activities can benefit from this article because here we have brought up some interesting and useful guidelines for holiday quilts. Make attractive designs of holiday quilts as winter crafts and make everyone in your family feel proud of your creation. The instruction are very simple and in detailed manner. Follow this article and start making holiday quilts this winter. This will be a challenging as well as interesting activities for seniors.

Wall Hanging Checkerboard Heart – A Romantic & Attractive Holiday Quilts

Making this type of holiday quilts will show up how romantic you are. This holiday quilt consists to heart which surrounds by squares creating a romantic ambiance. Somehow, initially you feel it a challenging task, but it is not really that challenging; especially, if you love crafting. For making this type of winter crafts, you need materials like dark red colored 1/3 yard for middle border and quilt center, 1/3 yard pink and black floral in small size, 1/8 white floral, 2 yard assorted black and red prints, 5/8 white toile, 2 yards backing fabric, – yard red and black large floral, 50 inches square battling and 43” square finished quilt.

Doll Quilt – Cute Winter Crafts

Make cute doll quilt for your baby and it will definitely make your baby feel so happy. This quilt contains triangle shaped squares that rotate in a way by which diamond pattern is created. In this several sack prints assemble together with solid fabric of blue color. This is a unique project that requires certain materials and consists to particular cutting instructions. The materials include 40 squares of 2 inches of sack prints and cut them in half for 80 total triangles, 5/8 yard backing fabric and solid blue, 22 inches battling and finished quilt for 17 to 21 inches. The fabric should be cut from blue pattern and 2 inches binding strips, 2 inches border strips etc.

Flannel Snowballs Holiday Quilt Winter Crafts

Make this type of holiday quilt to surprise everyone with your crafting skills. In this winter crafts project, various checks and plaids create exquisite look that keep eyes moving around the quilt again and again. In this type of winter crafts, you require materials like 1 yard tweed flannel in brown color for border, binding and blocks, 7 to 9 x22 inches assorted pieces of dark flannels, 8 to 9×22 inches assorted pieces in light flannel, 1 to 3/8 yard fabric for backing and 45 inches square battling.

Some Beneficial Tips For Holiday Quilts

Apart from making attractive designed holiday quilts, the other valuable aspect is to understand the way to display or store them rightly. Here are few helpful tips for you. While replacing the holiday quilt from any of your wall in your house, use a curtain rod because it will compensate different types of quilts without keeping dowels. When using the quilts, give it a fluff cycle in dryer as it will enhance its look and prepare it for attractive display.

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