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Indoor Activities for Seniors During Cold Weathers

As people get older, there will be changes to bodily functions and the body’s physical state. One common problem with seniors is, they get easily cold compared to others from younger age groups. That is why, normally, seniors are dressed up with heavy clothing, even if it is during summer. Seniors getting cold easily is caused by several factors that commonly occur as a person gets older, these include:

  • Poor Blood Circulation
  • Reduced Metabolic Processes – when the metabolic processes slow down, production of heat inside the body is decreased. That is the reason why, seniors have lower core body temperature than younger age groups.
  • Lack of Caloric Intake – chemical breakdown of foods eaten causes an increase in the body temperature. Since seniors usually eat less than others, chemical breakdown happens less frequently, thus resulting to a lower body temperature.
  • Lack of Exercise – exercise or even moving around can improve circulation of blood in all parts of the body. Sitting around all day can reduce blood circulation, thus causing a decrease in body temperature.

Why Seniors Need to Stay Active:

Seniors need to stay active as much as possible to improve blood circulation, increase metabolic processes, and improve overall health. However, there are numerous factors that can affect activities of seniors, such as the weather.

Indoor Activities for Cold Weathers:

Group of Senior Women Dancing

When the weather is cold, seniors tend to stay indoors to avoid the cold weather and stay warm. Staying indoors is not a reason for them not to be able to do anything. There are a lot of indoor activities a senior can do during cold weathers, some of which are:

  • Walking – It is not necessary to be outdoors for seniors to walk around. Walking around the house or any place indoors for at least 30 minutes will do. Walking will not just improve circulation, it can also be considered as an exercise.
  • Dancing – Seniors dancing to their favorite song or any songs with a danceable beat can make them sweat, while improving metabolic processes and blood circulation.
  • Exercise – There are a lot of DVDs that provide easy step-by-step exercise routines. Some advantages of following exercises on DVDs are it is inexpensive and seniors can exercise anytime whenever they want to, they do not have to follow schedules.

Aside from those three mentioned above, there are still a lot of activities seniors can do indoors. Even their ordinary daily activities, such as cleaning their room can be fun when they play their favorite music while cleaning. Please also see other indoor activities for seniors or browse the entire activities for seniors website for fun, ideas and interesting articles.