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Dominoes | Brain Games for Seniors

Brain stimulating games and activities are very important for anyone to engage in, especially those who are getting older, specifically seniors. Studies and researches have shown and proven that those people who play brain stimulating games can help in slowing down various forms of dementia. There are a lot of different brain stimulating games that can help seniors in improving their overall mental functions. Games involving acuity, concentration, memorization, and focus can help in improving seniors’ brains’ capacity to stimulate brain cells to function, improve electrical connections between brain cells, and keep pathways of brain cells always functioning and open.

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Dominoes – Brain Game for Seniors


Dominoes also known as dominos generally refers to the gaming pieces making up 1 domino set. Dominoes are rectangular formed puzzle piece tile with a horizontal line dividing the domino into two square ends. Each square end is marked by a specific spot marks or blank. Each domino set is a generic gaming devicejust like a deck of cards, it can be used to play many different kinds of games. The most common type of game that is played using dominoes is blocking game.

Dominoes Blocking Game:

Blocking game involves 2 players with 28 domino tiles that are shuffled facing down. Each player then draws 7 domino tiles, while the remaining tiles are not used are call the “boneyard”. When the game starts, one player will begin to place one tile on the table, and a series of tiles with the same value will then by placed on one of the two ends. If a player does not hold any tile with the same value or number on the two ends, he or she will then draw another tile from the “boneyard” until he or she can use it on the line. The objective of the blocking game is to empty one’s hand while blocking the opponent’s hand. The winner is determined when one player will be able to down his or her last domino tile or either both players are blocked. In the event that both players are blocked from the game, the winner is determined by who caused the block.

Dominoes and Seniors:

Dominoes for seniors is a very great way to help in stimulating their brain activities, since it requires focus, attention, concentration, and the use of strategy techniques. Every time a senior plays domino can help in encouraging neuron pathways to continuously develop and grow new brain cells that may seem to be unusual for seniors. Aside from stimulating the brain, dominoes can also help in improving social interaction between other seniors, for it is played with other players. No matter what a person’s age is, keeping the mind active and healthy through stimulating the brain through brain games and activities, such as dominoes, can help in maintaining the overall health of a person.

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