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Board Games May Sometimes Be Boring, It’s Time To Revive Your Memory Power

You may find a long list of games if you search a little bit on the internet. You may also try your luck at a nearby shop to find out a real fun game for the elderly. If you ask me, I can to suggest you with a few, such as a card game like rummy or bridge, crossword games, word games, puzzle games, sequence, scrabble, chess and so on. If the elderly want to mix their physical workout with the game they can try bowling and golf. These two have always been in the favorite list of seniors. Thanks to the new age technology that our elderlies are no more limited to the golf field or bowling alley. Now they have added computer machine as a new game field. There are so many websites offering computer games for the elderly and are very much liked by the group. But the ideas do not end here; there is a huge scope of creativity.

A Fun Memory Word Game With Your Grandparents

Children in the families are always closer to their grandparents. They may give them company by playing a word game or puzzle with them. You would really feel glad to visit your grandparent with a new fun filled game idea. It is true that your presence is more than enough to add joy in their life but, you can see glaze in their eyes when you offer them to play a game together. Recently I played a new word game with my grandparents. It was a fun memory game where the leader in the group picks a letter from the basket and all the other members have to think words starting with that letter. Each one adds point equivalent to the number of words he or she comes up with.

Struggle On Each Letter For Better Score

The game was not only joined by my grandparents but also by their fellow mates. The enthusiasm extended till the end as each one was trying their best to come up with maximum number of words. As soon as the leader picks up a new letter all of us start memorizing the words and listing them down on the paper as fast as we can (there was a time limit of one minute to think maximum number of word with each letter).  If some of us were fortunate at letter “B” others were at “T”, but everyone was trying their best to see them as a winner at the time of final counting of the point. It was really a great day with lot of kibitzing. I enjoyed that thoroughly and it was something very special for my grandparents too. After the game we had some snacks that we had prepared together.

Try Your Imagination To Stress Them Out

What do you say? Don’t you want to make some good memories with your grandparents? I am sure you all would love to be a part of such fun activity. I designed the game using my creativity. My idea was to stimulate memory and remove stress and loneliness from their life while I was forming a fun activity for the elderly. I succeeded in my plan while having a lot of fun. I believe that every game is valuable. You can try with your own idea and imagination. Any game that you played in your school days can work out here. Just modify the basic concept considering their age and physical abilities.