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Short Term Memory Exercises for Seniors

There is a very simple way on how to test your short term memory. You can even do it right now, right at this very moment while you are reading this article. You can test your short term memory by trying to read the following letters in three seconds and try to memorize as many letters as you can, and after the three seconds, write down as much letters that you can remember. These letters are: J M L S G F S W E Y. The more letters that you can memorize, the better short term memory you have. One’s short term memory is very important, as it is responsible in temporarily storing and managing newly acquired information.

Short Term Memory Exercise: Brain Workout

Short Term Memory Exercises for Seniors

Not everyone knows that the brain is actually like a muscle from other parts of the body. You need to exercise your brain through various brain workouts just as you exercise other muscles in the body to keep it in perfect fit and even stronger. Brain workouts can help in the better functioning of the brain. Brain workouts can be done easily through word puzzles (crossword, word search, etc.), brain teasers, and even reading newspapers, magazines, and other books. Learning or acquiring new information everyday can help in pushing your brain to be stronger in general, thus also improving your short term memory.

Short Term Memory Exercise: Mneumonics

There is a technique called “mneumonics” in easily memorizing a group of words or phrases by assigning letters or even a word to it. Mneumonics can help for easier recall. Creating mneumonics for something can actually help in improving someone’s short term memory, since mneumonics that a person has created plays the role of being a memory prompt.

Short Term Memory Exercise: Memorize

Memorize, memorize, and memorize. That is one of the best ways in improving your short term memory. Just like mentioned above, the one you have to recall as much letters as you can after three seconds, you can do that again during this short term memory exercise. You can use various lists of phrases this time and try to see how much you can memorize in a given time, let’s say a minute or even more. You can do it over and over again, and try to see if you have improved. Just remember to always stay positive and focused to have better results and better short term memory.