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Coping with Short Term Memory Loss

There are two major types of memory loss, short term memory loss and long term memory loss. Both types of memory loss are normal to occur or happen in seniors, since memory loss is normally part in the aging process. Seniors are not the only ones who can suffer from memory loss, but also people who belong in the younger age groups. Memory loss can be very stressful and can greatly affect a person’s confidence, which is why there are numerous different ways on how to cope with both long term memory loss and short term memory loss.

Short Term Memory Loss

Coping with Short Term Memory Loss

By referring to short term memory loss, it means the inability to recollect information, such as events and recently learned actions, and recent experiences. People who are suffering from short term memory loss can have a very challenging life, since there will be certain aspects of their daily living that will be affected, even the simplest ones, such as where they last placed certain things. Even these challenges can seem to be very simple, but those “simple” daily life challenges can be very frustrating and stress inducing. Coping with short term memory loss may be complicated at first, but with the help of some tips, then coping with short term memory loss may become simple.

Tips in Coping Short Term Memory Loss

  1. There will nothing be wrong in writing down a schedule of your life in a piece of paper. By writing your daily schedule and making notes after each task or goal accomplished will help you get organized and not forget things. Always keep the paper in hand.
  2. Getting enough sleep every single night will work wonders, not only in coping with short term memory loss but also in a person’s overall health.  To get enough sleep each night, why not set a routine or sleeping schedule that you will follow every night and make sure that you wake up at the same time each morning making sure that you get 8 hours of sleep.
  3. If possible, wear a wrist watch wherever you will go and keep wall clocks and calendars all around the house to keep you aware of the time and date all the time. Being aware of the date and time all the time can help in remembering tasks and things that need to be accomplished and not forget it.