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Fall Crafts – Fun and Rewarding Craft Ideas to Keep Seniors Entertained

Fall is the perfect time that opens a wealth of opportunities to encourage the elderly to participate in crafting. Chances are that they have already crafted before and may show little to no interest at the idea, but you should encourage them to participate and I am sure they’ll be convinced and soon the smiles of gratification and the pride will result from creating beautiful crafts from bits and pieces of yarn, paper or cloth or even objects like twigs and leaves.

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Fall Season – The Beautiful Days to Explore the Outdoors with the Elderly

The fall season brings with it a whole new experience as leaves of trees starts changing color to red, yellow, gold or orange that forms a beautiful landscape all-around the city. These leaves can be used to make beautiful fall-themed crafts too.

Collecting those leaves will help your seniors to get outside, and enjoy the beauty and smell of loam, fresh air, and earth. Many seniors just spend most of their time living indoors, the fall season crafting ideas can help them to enjoy the nature and spend most of their day time outside home. An adult child or a caregiver can help them collect small twigs and stones and let them enjoy the sunshine and become part of their surrounding environment once again.

Fall Season Craft Ideas

Fall season open doors to a number of different activities for seniors that promote ideas, creativity, and beautiful gifts. Like any other craft, fall season crafts is also all about your imagination and creativity to create one-of-a-kind beautiful gifts.

T-Shirt Designing

An interesting and creative gift that seniors will enjoy creating for their grandchildren include hand print and leaf painted t-shirts. For instance, buy a couple of plain white t-shirt from either Wall-Mart of a local retail store. Gather leaves and use different shades of colors of paint and start decorating and designing the white t-shirt.

Take help of any of your friend to dip the leaf in paint and then without putting much pressure press it into the t-shirt, life off carefully. Next, let your friend dip his hand into the paint and place his hand print on the t-shirt as well.

Small hand-made decorations can also be applied around each hand print to provide an everlasting and unique souvenir of grandparents that will be relished for many years to come.

Create a Striking Wreath

Another great fall craft idea is to buy a bottle of Mod Podge. It is easily available from any local hobby store. First pour the Mod Podge into a bowl or a dish. Now ask your grandparents to go outside and bring with them a variety of fall leaves of different and striking colors.

Now dip those leaves in Mod Podge and let them dry for couple of hours on a string attached with a clothespin. Check the leaves and if they’ve dried completely, string a small piece of thread or yarn through these dried leaves and create a striking circlet or wreath.

Keep You Seniors Engaged with Innovative and Interesting Activities

Whether your grandparents are living with you at your home or at an assisted living facility, be innovative and imaginative to give them something fun and interesting to do. Each season has its significance and provides different types of crafting opportunities. Explore them and keep your seniors engage in some kind of activity once every month or on a biweekly basis.