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Word Activities for Seniors

To help in maintaining cognitive functions and to lower down the risk of the development of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, engaging in word activities for seniors will be very beneficial. Although it is inevitable for seniors to normally undergo the aging process, which can result in a decline physically and mentally, letting seniors engage in various activities that involve stimulating brain activity, it can promote mental health and it can eventually encourage brain growth. Even word activities for seniors are effective activities to help in keeping the brain active through stimulation, which can surely improve mental health.

Word Activities for Seniors: Puzzles

Seniors Playing Scrabble

There are a lot of various puzzle games that can be played and enjoyed by seniors. One common and famous puzzle that many seniors love is the “Crossword Puzzle”. Since most seniors have difficulty seeing clearly small letters and fonts, there are crossword puzzles that are specially made for seniors with big letters for them to easily see. Other word puzzles that many seniors enjoy playing are scrabble and word searches. Scrabble is a type of puzzle slash board game that can be played by several players. Seniors who play scrabble with other seniors will not just gain the benefit for their mental health, they can also socially interact with other players, which is also very beneficial.

Word Activities for Seniors: Reading

Reading can be done in a lot of different ways. Reading itself requires brain function for a person to comprehend and understand what he or she is reading. If seniors want to exercise their brain functions, reading is one of the easiest mental exercises they can do. They can even choose to read newspapers or magazines for them to be updated with the current events. One factor that has to be considered in choosing reading materials for seniors is the size of the letters. You have to make sure that the letters are big enough for seniors with visual problems to easily see clearly.

Word Activities for Seniors: Social Interaction

Word activities for seniors do not necessarily mean reading. Even talking or socially interacting with other seniors is considered to be a type of word activities. Social interaction does not only help in stimulating brain function, it can also keep seniors’ social life active. In fact, studies have proven that seniors who engage in various activities for seniors that involve social interaction are healthier and happier. Sharing insights and happy memories to a group of other seniors can also be done as a type of word activities for seniors, to enhance and encourage all seniors to speak.