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How to Dress to Look Younger and Have Fun?

Is there an upcoming college reunion, wedding, party at your close friend’s home or other big occasion, you might be thinking of fancy dresses or in particular looking for ideas on how to dress younger but still look apposite for your age? Here we have discussed some style and fashion tips to help you on your path to look young and have fun.

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If you have a preference for a certain style of outfit that looks great on you and is suitable for most activities, you might be most happy & comfy staying with your preferred style however you can always add younger colors and change things to some extent. Some attractive and striking colors that can help you look younger mainly include:

  • Silver and gold
  • Art deco style jewelry
  • Pastels

If you have in mind to look younger, then it is advised that you do not use neutral colors such as grey, brown, tan and black.


Wearing a miniskirt might be exaggerating the “looking younger” thing to some extent, but there isn’t any reason why you can’t ass some big sized earrings or put on a fashionable scarf. Fashion accessories are a great way to add a younger look and also experiment with trendy styles. Not only the fashion accessories cost less, but it is simply an attractive addition to your preferred clothing. If at any time you feel uncomfortable wearing the scarf, you can simply remove it and without grabbing anyone’s attention slip it into your bag or purse.

Go Shopping with Grandchildren

If you a have grandchild whether 10 or 20, they are usually up-to-date with the latest fashion trends. Your granddaughter can help you know which brands are good to buy and which aren’t. Maybe your purse is of good brand, but its color doesn’t match your clothing. Maybe your socks are too short or too long. Teenagers can help with these minute details and help you dress according to the latest fashion trends in one shopping trip.

However, keep in mind that what work for your granddaughter obviously will not going to work for you. You can keep in mind the fashion tips that you receive from your grandchildren, and then compare it to clothing style that you look in stores that focus on mature clothing.

Where to Shop?

Internet today is flooded with various clothing stores. You can pick few stores that have a good brand name in producing mature clothing and order them. These e-commerce websites are very user-friendly to browse and provide you with a great virtual display and features of the dresses before you buy them. If you are not satisfied with the clothing, you can always return it back and get your money back. Few of the best companies that offer mature clothing and accessory are: New York and Company, Mod Cloth and Old Pueblo Traders.

Don’t Feel Afraid To Experiment

Vintage look is the modern look, so don’t feel afraid to wear something from your 20s or 30s. Experimenting with different clothing style is also an ideal way to explore how to dress younger.