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Scrabble For The Elderly | A Fun Filled Word Game To Make Your Evening A Memorable One

I believe that and elderly peoples’ brain is just as active and sharp as any of a young person. However, their eyes might not have that sharp vision as they once did. Other than crossword puzzles, that comes first in the mind when we talk about a word game there are a list of other word games that can be played and enjoyed greatly by the elderly. Word games are also good in encouraging old brain to re-activate. They improve memory and concentration level as well. If any of you is going through some health problem, you may still enjoy a few word games with someone of your age group in the family, lying on the bed.

What Would You Prefer To Play This Evening

I understand that some of you are not able to accept the challenge of physically exhaustive games such as table tennis that require you to stand up and move around. You may prefer to play some games where you can sit together and enjoy each other’s company while playing. There are lots of opportunities exists in the name of board games for the elderly that incorporate various fun activities for the elderly. Games such as dot-to-dot and other simple paper-and-pencil games are very much preferred by the elderly. Puzzle and teasers games can also be best suggestion for the elderly for a fun filled evening.

 Scrabble – A Board Game

Word games are pretty addictive and if you are bored with solving newspaper crossword puzzle every day, you may try your hand this time in Scrabble. Have you ever played Boggle; Scrabble is pretty much like the same. In scrabble too you have to create a complete word from individual tiled letters. But unlike Boggle it has board to record the points and calculate winners.

A scrabble game comes packaged with:

  • A game board
  • 100 letters tiles
  • 4 racks
  • And, 5 score boards

To Start With Scrabble

Before you start a game, you all have to agree upon a dictionary as a reference, in case of a challenge. All words are permitted including obsolete, slang and colloquial. Three are few exceptions too like abbreviations, words that always capitalized, hyphened and apostrophe words. To be sure on the things keep the rule book with you to disallow any confusion. To start a game, mix all the letters well and place them facedown beside the board. All players pick seven letters and draw them all on their racks. The player whose rack has a letter closest to “A” will start the play. After placing the tiles on the board the player picks new tiles for the tile bag. Number of tiles must always be equals to seven on the rack.

Choose A Game Considering You Physical And Sensory Challenge

Amongst various games for the elderly you should choose the one which suits to the need. In order to choose an appropriate activity for your evening pastime you must be aware of the physical and sensory challenge that you may have. Scrabble has been around for many years. It has been played and enjoyed among each age group. Word games like Scrabble keep the brain active and healthy. As you can see the game involves less physical activity so it can surely be added in your fun activity to make an evening a memorable one.