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One-Word Story Game For The Elderly | Fill Up The Empty Hours With Fun

Games are a formalized way to play where everyone performs on predefined rules. They are an integral part of our day-to-day life that expresses an important behavioral side of human nature Games stimulate mental and physical power of human and contribute a lot on their well-being. They are always a plus for the people who are at the age of their memory loss. Games for the elderly can be anything that we usually play, like a card game or a picture game that is a fun and can provide exercise to the brain to stay fit and active or at least can possibly slow down the cognitive impairment in them.

Games For The Elderly Having Difficulty In Word Retrieval

Dementia and Alzheimer are common among the elderlies. It is good for the well-being of the elderly patients if they keep themselves busy in something that could give a little exercise to their brain. Brain games and word games can be a great help for such people, they not only keep them active but also aids in their socialization.  Memory loss can easily be seen in the elderly as they are usually found having difficulty with the word retrieval. Word games, in which they have to guess the next one from the series of the word, can be fun with sufficient mental exercise.  The good thing about the word games is they can be played by any number of players, anywhere and at anytime.

One Word Story Game For The Elderly

When you are asked to suggest a few word games for the elderly, the obvious answer comes as crossword, scrabble, and spelling bee. However, there are more. Have you ever heard a word story game? The game is played in a group; each player adds one word at his or her turn to create a titillating story together. The game involves a lot of creativity and impulsiveness other than sheer attention. Each player adds one word to make ridiculous tale so at the end when the whole story is read out loud it makes everybody laugh as the final product (the story) is nothing but a silly and nonsensical tale.

How To Play A Word Story Game?

To play the game, you all have to sit in a circle involving your full concentration. The first storyteller starts the game by saying the first word, like “There”. The next one will pick up the thread and will add his word promptly without missing the rhythm. Listen carefully what other storytellers are telling as you all have to follow the same story thread during the whole game. The key is to make a story (by adding only one word on every turn by each player) that could sound seamless, for example, “there was….”

You May Try It In Other Way Too

You may try this game by adding a full sentence instead of a word. The game is a real fun as when the story reaches to the natural conclusion most of the time it is a total nonsense. The game works best when your group has a ‘conductor’ to point out to the person when it’s his or her turn to add a word (or a sentence) in the story. The glory of the game is its spontaneity as it helps a lot to the elderly with Dementia. There can be more such activities for the elderly if you try a little bit of creativity to fill up the empty hours.