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Memory Changes in Seniors

When talking about changes in memory as people age, there are numerous myths and misconceptions about memory changes. It is normally part of the ageing process wherein there will be a decrease in one’s memory function but having a decrease in memory function does not necessary mean that there is a decline in mental health. However, when it comes to severe memory problems or memory loss, then it will most probably be caused by Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, stroke, acute alcoholism, and maybe some kind of neurological medical condition. For minor memory lapses, it is very unusual for it to be a sign of dementia. If you are alarmed or concerned about memory changes, there are several ways that can be done in preventing memory loss.

Seniors’ Memory Changes

Memory Changes in Seniors

Here are the most common memory changes that we can see in seniors, but it does not necessarily mean that all seniors will experience all changes that will be mentioned below and all seniors will experience the same set of memory changes.

  • Slower Thinking – as a normal process of ageing, there will be a slight decrease in the speed of processing new information in the brain and not just processing, but there will also be a slight decrease in the speed of recalling information. Seniors may sometimes need more time to recall information and patience is very important.
  • Decreased Concentration Skills – paying attention for longer times are decreased as people age. Seniors can easily be distracted and can easily be interrupted. Seniors should not be interrupted when they are in the middle of doing things.
  • Forgetfulness – It is not unusual for seniors to easily forget things, both short term memories and long term memories. Seniors will not be very good in recalling names, recalling things that need to be done, etc. Keeping a journal or a small notebook where seniors can write their schedule and things that need to be done can be helpful for them in recalling things.

Memory Improvement

Seniors do not have to live having difficulties with their memory, they can still live with a very sharp mind and memory just like during their younger years. As mentioned above, there are several ways that can be done in preventing memory loss and for memory improvement. Doing various exercises and activities that can help in stimulating the brain to function will already be beneficial in preventing memory loss, memory improvement, and maybe keeping Alzheimer’s disease and/or dementia at bay.