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Foods for Memory Improvement

It is inevitable for every human being to undergo certain memory changes, especially when they get older. Memory changes are included in the normal process of aging, but still is not a reason for people to suffer memory loss when they get old. There are numerous ways that can be done to help in preventing memory loss and improving memory in general through aerobic exercises, brain stimulating games, etc. Aside from those 2 mentioned, there are also foods that can help in the seniors’ memory improvement and preventing further memory loss.

Memory Improvement Food: Fish

Foods for Memory Improvement

Fish, especially tuna, sardines, and salmons are rich in Omega-3. Studies have proven that Omega-3 is effective in preventing or reducing cell inflammation that can trigger decline in memory. Eating fishes, especially fatty fish regularly can help in boosting or improving memory. The advisable consumption of fish is 2 servings of fish once a week.

Memory Improvement Food: Dark Leafy Vegetables

Consuming at least one serving (one cup) of green leafy vegetables a day can help in boosting energy and even improving one’s overall health as well. Just keep in mind to never overcook the vegetables, as so not to take away all its vitamins and nutrients. A simple rule to always remember, the darker the vegetable, the more vitamins and nutrients it contain.

Memory Improvement Food: Spinach

Yes, I know spinach is a type of dark leafy vegetable, but it will be better if there will be an emphasis in discussing spinach’s benefits when it comes to memory improvement in seniors. Spinach contains high amounts of folic acid that can help in preventing development of Alzheimer’s disease and other memory losses that are common in aging. Eating 1 cup of cooked spinach in a day can already give you the daily requirement of folic acid needed.

Memory Improvement Food: Onions

Fisetin is a naturally occurring flavonoid that can help in stimulating pathways in the brain, thus improving long term memory skills. Aside from fisetin, onions also contain anthocyanin and quercetin that are also beneficial in improving memory and preventing memory loss. There several different types of onions, namely white onions, yellow onions, and red onions. Among the 3 types of onions, the red onion contains the highest anthocyanin and quercetin. Some people prefer using white and yellow onions, since red onions have this pungent flavor or smell especially when it is not cooked well.