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Games for Memory Improvement

There are two different types of memories in human beings, the long term memories and the short term memories. Long term memories are those memories of people you have known for some time, your experiences during earlier years, what you have learned since childhood, etc. And for short term memories, these are memories that you need to recall for a few minutes or just days. Both memories, short term and long term can be affected as people get older. However, there are ways that can be done to help in improving memory and preventing memory loss that can usually happen to seniors.

Games for Memory Improvement

Games for Memory Improvement

Who said games are for children and older adults only? Seniors can still play and enjoy games and at the same time, gain games’ advantages and benefits. There are games that can help in stimulating seniors’ brain to function, thus it can be helpful in keeping memory loss at bay and improving overall memory functions. It has been proven in several studies that seniors who play brain stimulating games experience better recall in both short term memories and long term memories.

Trivia for Memory Improvements

Seniors would love and enjoy playing trivia games that they can fully relate to. Trivia games can help in improving recall for events and other long term memories, such as history or even scientific topics. What makes trivia games beautiful is that it can cover a very wide range of topics that seniors can choose from. Trivia games can be played in several different ways, depending on how the players would want to play it. Trivia games can be played using trivia game cards, trivia board games, or even just searching through the different books and internet trivial questions that can be used during the game.

Sudoku for Memory Improvement

If you are someone who haven’t tried playing Sudoku because you think that Sudoku is a hard game to play or puzzle to solve, then you are very wrong. Sudoku may look complicated and confusing but once you get to start filling the columns, then you can find yourself glued down to your seat. Sudoku consists of numbers, grids, and columns that need to filled with number 1 to 9 without duplication. There are Sudoku books that can be purchased in bookstores or even answering Sudoku tables found in various newspapers, bulletins, and magazines can be done if you wish not to purchase Sudoku books.