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Craft Ideas for Seniors

In planning or choosing the right activities for seniors to do, it is very important to take into consideration the complexity of the activity and if the activity is suitable for their age. Activities that are simple, fun and quick to accomplish are the right activities for seniors to engage in. Having activities that are quick to be accomplished is needed, for seniors usually have shorter attention span than other people. One perfect activity for seniors to do during their leisure time is arts and crafts.

Arts and Crafts for Seniors:

Senior Woman Crochetin

As people age, the physical aspect of the body deteriorates. However, it does not mean that the brain and creativity will deteriorate with it. What make seniors different physically while they were younger are their physical abilities in doing things easily and their capabilities in handling things. Arts and crafts can be handled and enjoyed by seniors, since it do not require too much physical strength, all they need to use is their creativity and hands in making their own masterpieces.

Eye Vision Changes in Seniors:

Since most seniors already have changes in their vision, it still is not a reason for them not to enjoy making arts and crafts. There can be slight modifications that can be done to their craft materials, such as bigger font size and more distinct and bold colors can be used for seniors to see them easily and clearly.

Craft Ideas for Seniors:

There is no limit on the number of different arts and crafts a senior can do. In fact, they can still think of doing their own craft using their creativity. Here are some of the famous crafts that a lot of seniors love doing.

  • Painting is one of the most common craft activity seniors love doing. After they’re done with their painting, they then hang it on their wall at home and display it with pride.
  • Mosaic as a craft for seniors has also been famous to seniors. They can make their mosaic masterpiece with a certain design, or they can make it abstractly, without having certain design in mind.
  • Crocheting clothes, handkerchiefs, beanies, sweatshirts, etc, can be a great way to be given as gifts. Seniors love crocheting anything for their loved ones.
  • Candle Making may require a little bit of effort, since it involves certain steps in order to successfully make a candle. However, seniors will surely love making candles.
  • Scrapbook Making is a perfect way for seniors to stimulate their brain functions, for they have to take a walk down to memory lane for them to retrieve their unforgettable memories. Memories and milestones achieved during their earlier stage of life can be placed into a scrapbook.

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