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Trivial Pursuit for Seniors

Seniors engaging in brain exercises is just as important as engaging in physical exercises for the body. Maybe not all people know how important it is to keep the brain healthy and fit to help in wavering off or even preventing age-related conditions from developing, including dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Some seniors think that keeping their body healthy and fit is the only thing important to maintain overall quality of life, however, doing activities that can stimulate brain function can help keep their minds mentally sharp and functioning for the longest possible time, which can have positive effects on their overall wellbeing. There are a lot of brain exercises and brain games for seniors that can help in keeping their minds sharp, and playing trivia games is one of them.

Trivia Games for Seniors:

Playing trivia games is a form of mental exercise, which can be a very great help in keeping one’s mind sharp, as it can enhance or improve all cognitive skills and stimulate the mind to function. Games, including trivia games that involve acuity, concentration, and focus can improve brain’s capability to stimulate the functioning of neurons (brain cells), and dendrites (connects neurons to each other). There are a lot of different kinds of trivia games a senior can enjoy, and one very famous trivia board game is “Trivial Pursuit”.

Trivial Pursuit Board Game

Trivial Pursuit:

The Trivial Pursuit board game is a type of trivia game that involves its players to answer trivia questions regarding general knowledge and known cultures. There are dozens of set questions that are organized into 6 different themes, which are Geography (Blue), Entertainment (Pink), History (Yellow), Arts & Literature (Brown, Science & Nature (Green), and Sports and Leisure (Orange). The objective of this board game is to move around the board by being able to give the correct answer of each trivia question. Seniors who are going to play Trivial Pursuit are forced to think hard and divulge deeper into their memory lane, for them to be able to answer all trivia questions correctly.

Other Trivia Games:

As mentioned earlier, there are a lot of different trivia games available in the market these days. In fact, people or even seniors can make up their own trivia games at home. Making trivia question can also help in stimulating their minds through the use of their memory skills. Making homemade trivia games can be more fun, since they can ask questions regarding their family history or even significant events.