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Arts and Crafts Ideas for Older Adults

There are a lot of activities for seniors that can easily be done even if some seniors have physical limitations, due to ageing. In fact, most activities that are done by younger people can still be made into activities for seniors with some modifications done, to make it right for seniors to engage it. One of the most loved activities for seniors is arts and crafts. All people from different age groups find arts and crafts to be very fun and therapeutic. Seniors who have not tried doing arts and crafts projects do not have to worry, since there are arts and crafts projects that are simple to do.

Activities for Seniors: Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts as activities for seniors can come in many different forms and ways. Seniors who are creative or seniors who love doing arts and crafts when they were younger can attest how fun doing arts and crafts is. And for seniors who are not creative, they can still enjoy arts and crafts and gain benefits from the activity at the same time. Arts and crafts can be therapeutic, in a way that it can help a senior relax and stimulate the brain to function. Stimulating the brain to function can be very beneficial to seniors, since it can help in the prevention of the development of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

Activities for Seniors: Arts and Crafts Ideas

As a person grown older, there will be limitations as to which activities for seniors they can do properly and independently. Arts and crafts are a great activities for seniors, since it can give a senior a sense of dependence. Little adjustments and modifications on certain arts and crafts projects can be done to perfectly fit the needs of every senior. Here are some arts and crafts ideas for seniors.

  • Photo Magnet– Most seniors have old photos that have sentimental values. Letting them choose or pick certain photos and turn them into a photo magnet by sticking a magnet at the center back portion of the photo. This project is a very simple one that can be easily done by any senior, without any help. Once the photo magnet is done, it can be placed on the refrigerator or it can be given as a gift to a loved one.

    Painted Vases

  • Vase Painting – Any senior will surely love vase painting and decorating. Seniors will have to paint the vase with their favorite color and adding accents or detail to the vase is done during this activity. Finish products can be used as a decorative piece or it can also be given to close friends and loved ones as a gift.

Please also see other crafts for seniors or browse the entire activities for seniors website for fun, ideas and interesting articles.

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