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Making a Paper Bead Necklace | Crafts For Seniors

Crafts For Seniors – Innovative & Creative Activities for seniors

 In activities for seniors, crafts can be an exceptional way by which seniors can explore their artistic talent and also can enhance their power of creativity. In the old age, when seniors have sufficient time as they get free from all their worldly duties, they need some activities to get busy. This way, they can make themselves occupied and if you offer them crafts then, it can be a great earning way as well. So, this article is all about making a paper bead necklace which is another craft Idea for senior.

Use Bright Colors & Make Interesting Paper Bead Necklace

Colors give a distinctive appearance to every object. So, if you are planning crafts for seniors, then do consider bright colors to make exceptional paper bead necklace. The way to make the necklaces is very easy. Just get some old magazines that are easily available in home and that is sufficient for making exceptional designs of necklaces. Magazine colored pages can give a unique look to these beads and when you will combine beads together, you will see how interesting crafts have invented by your seniors.

Crafts For Seniors A Way To Utilize Spare Time In Better Way

Paper Bead Necklace

Seniors mostly have a good span of time for which they don’t have anything to do. This time makes them inactive and they also feel bored. But, if they get involved in crafts for seniors, they will surely make the best use of their spare time. Paper bead necklace making is such a convenient way. Using rubber stamp, you can decorate beads and after decorating beads, you can ink them for making further design. Whatever design you need on the beads, you can use similar colored ink for that.

Needed Materials For Making Paper Bead Necklace

For making great designs of these paper necklace, you should get some materials which are as below.

  • Beads made of paper as per your necklace requirement.
  • Colored Buttons in different designs and beads made of glass in bigger size.
  • Craft Wire
  • Cutter, Pliers in round nose and wire snips

These are required materials which you should have while making paper bead necklaces. After collecting these materials at a place you can move further to make the necklace by using these items.

Follow Necessary Instructions For Crafts For Seniors

Crafts for seniors is a great activity. But, still it requires some basic plans and instructions. Following those instruction, one can easily make exclusive items that will represent the creativity and art of the seniors. For making paper bead necklace, follow these instructions.

  • Firstly, thread paper bead over a craft wire and also add some glass beads. Form loop by bending the corners of the wire round and then snip off wire end.
  • After threading all paper beads, you can thread wires.
  • You can add feature bead at the end while finishing.