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Making a Beaded Book Thong | Crafts For Seniors

Crafts For Seniors For Sharpening Mind And To Entertain

Always provide elderly people some entertaining and useful activities for seniors. Such activities enhance their brain performance and increase their ability to remember things. When providing crafts for seniors, you can achieve your goal for providing mental growth and internal satisfaction to your seniors. Some elderly people have zeal towards craft work and they take it as their hobby. In crafts, you can include anything that is related to art and designing or creativity. Idea to make beaded book thong can be included into craft for seniors due to its ease and innovation.

Why Crafts

 Crafts can stimulate the mind of the elderly people. In old age, mostly elderly have problem of forgetting things instantly. They do not remember instant events or they find it difficult to search their own equipments. These problems are related to their poor memory. But indulging into crafts for seniors, they can enhance their power to remember things. Crafts are a work that needs full use of mind and attention. When seniors pay complete attention to crafts, their mind gets stimulated and this stimulation enhances their brain performance. In addition to it, crafts enhancement can be used professionally to earn good money and also is a proud job.

Crafts For Seniors & Its Benefits To Them

Beaded Book Thong

Crafts for seniors or activities for seniors are requisite need for them. To learn the importance and condition of seniors, just consider yourself on their place. A life without an activity is like hell. No person would love to lead such life. Living in limited space whole day and night is nothing but hell boredom. At such time, some activities for seniors can help them engaging their mind that fluctuate brain cells. This stimulation of cells keeps the brain active and enhances the mental performance of elderly. So, try to get as many ideas as possible to help your elderly.

Learn To Make Beaded Book Thong As Crafts For Seniors

The beads or charms which have left over can be used to make exclusive beaded book thong. A beaded book thong looks attractive and can be used by seniors for any of their books. Here you are given some helpful guidelines to make innovative designs of beaded book thong. It takes no time to make and very easy indeed. Let’s read on what materials you need to make distinctive beaded book thong.

Material And Instructions For Beaded Book Thong

Like other craft works, you have to gather some basic materials to make beaded book thong. The list of required materials is here:

  • Linen Cord for 2 feet (Waxed)
  • Get one charm
  • Get one dozen assorted beads with holes (It should fit to the linen)
  • Nail Polish
  • A Scissor

After gathering all these materials, you can move to steps to make the beaded book thong. Firstly, tie charm over cord end, trim it and then set the knot with nail polish. Slide beads over cord and then tie the knot. Leave the cord length as per book type or size and then tie again the knot from where beads start.