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Creating A Thanksgiving Collage

Thanksgiving Collage Making – A Creative Activity For Seniors

If you want to introduce some useful but interesting activities for seniors, then Thanksgiving craft for seniors will do a great job. Thanksgiving craft for seniors include different sorts of items’ creation. Making craft enhances the creativity and hand work skills and if your seniors love crafts, then advice them to create thanksgiving collage. It is a brilliant way in which seniors can involve some useful activity and can create attractive crafts. While making thanksgiving collage, seniors involve in several experiments with various textures, shapes and materials. Indeed, it is purely a fun idea to make thanksgiving collage.

Inexpensive Thanksgiving Craft For Seniors

Making Thanksgiving Collage by seniors is completely an inexpensive way. Not only seniors, but people of any age can benefit from this type of craft. When making Thanksgiving collage, seniors should keep holidays’ theme in their mind and the collage should be compatible to the celebration. In creation of Thanksgiving Collage, one does not require making huge investment, but the total expense is quite limited. You Thanksgiving Collage will surely surprise you at last. Seniors can list up their memories through this collage and can remind them anytime they wish too.

Thanksgiving Collage

Let’s Start Creating Thanksgiving Collage

This craft should be started with a paper which is used as base. On sturdy paper, the heavy materials can make their support. For this purpose, we suggest you to get a hard paper like cardboard paper, matting or poster board. Moreover, one can also use a regular paper, in condition if the used objects are not that heavy. For aluminum foil, construction paper or wallpaper scraps, one can use simple regular paper for support. After that, get all other needed items with you like glue, ribbon, beads, decorative materials, buttons, lace, sequins etc. All these materials will be used while creating thanksgiving collage.

A Strong Inspiration Is Necessary When Creating A Thanksgiving Collage

To make a worthy and effective collage, one should have a strong inspiration source. Following the inspiration one can create amazing collage. Remember that you are not limited to choose any particular subject for your collage, but you are open to use any subject for inspiration of your collage. Whether you choose food as your subject or any natural element, everything will come in impressive form. When taking food as inspiration, seniors can use actual foods that we use in our daily life like pasta shapes, dried beans and rice etc. Don’t forget that use only that food which should not get spoiled or badly smell with time.

Colorful Shapes & Designs For Making Innovative Thanksgiving Collage

When making thanksgiving collage, seniors can include different shapes and colors to make it interesting. Using innovative shapes, the collage will look unique and eye catchy. The best way to make a thanksgiving collage is to consider the story of Thanksgiving Day. It will help seniors to make a collage which will recite the event in its own way.