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Make Beads Out of Plastic Bags

Creative Crafts Work Can Be One Of The Interesting Activities For Seniors

In Activities for seniors, suggest them to make beads out of plastic bags which will surely entertain seniors at a great extent. It is an innovative activity and engaging in such activity will make seniors feel busy and active mentally. This way, they do not feel bored. In the old age, elderly people start feeling themselves as worthless due to lack of work and this condition also leads those several health issues including memory loss, physical in activeness, laziness, lack of interest in life and so on. So, here you go with special instructions of crafts for seniors to make beads out of plastic bags and allow them to try their creativity in some worthy activity.

Make Use Of The Recycling Plastic Bags In Activities For Seniors

Generally in homes, there are tones of recycling things that are of no use. People mostly do not think about how to recycle those unwanted items. But, these items can be used in various creative activities for seniors. The plastic bags which are a common item available in homes have several usages. Collect recycling plastic bags at one place and try making attractive bead jewelry by colorful plastic beads and wear it with your different dresses on different occasions.  This is not only innovative activity but interesting too. So, it can be great activities for seniors to do in their spare time.

Let’s Start Making Beads From Plastic Bags

Making Beads From Plastic Bags

To start this crafts for seniors, you have to firstly get waste plastic bags lying around your home. Stretch these plastic bags on the flat floor and then start with further process. Cut these plastic bags in triangle shapes and it should be around three quarters’ inches wide and 3” long. The small variation does not make anything wrong in beads making because it will enable seniors to give beads a different and unique look. It would be a better idea to use colorful bags to make these beads more attractive.

Further Points To Consider For Successful Crafts For Seniors

After that spread some glue on the underside of these cut plastic pieces and cover maximum surface by using your hand or a small brush. It is a bit messy part, but necessary for sure. It would be better to use newspapers to easily work on. Get a small plastic straw and place plastic on it. Then twist this plastic till the small part of the triangle gets pressed against it.  Smooth the plastic in direction where it is twisted. Leave these beads for a night around 12 hours and then check it in the morning.

Give Finishing The Next Morning

To give finished look to these plastic beads to make such it an interesting crafts for seniors, you should give three coats of Mod Podge. While giving coating to these beads, you have to give it necessary time to dry. After that, cut the ends of the straws at top side and bottom. The cutting should be closer to beads. Now, the beads are all completed with its finishing and you can use them to make remarkable jewelry for any occasions. These are such great mind freshening activities for seniors.