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Fashion Accessories for Older Women – Highlight Your Best Features

Women these days are more fashionable than a decade before. And this includes women in their golden age too, women in their 50s, 60s and up. Fashion industry does cater their older clients but focus has always remained on youth. However, older women should not shy away from trying the latest fashion trends, especially emerging trend in fashion accessories. Use these accessories to create your own style without much compromising on the comfort which is primary for this age.

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Wearing Close-Fitting Necklaces

My mother says “desires never die”. Everyone wants to look good, no matter what their age is. Looking good is not the territory of younger generation only. Older women have equal rights to flaunt a new style trends. Have a look at the mirror right now. Make a quick note of your good feature and relatively “not so good” features. You can make use of these fashion accessories to downplay your less attractive features and enhance the good ones.

How to Wear Fashion Accessories

Let’s have a look how you can best use the style accessories:

Jewelry – Trendy stylish jewelry such as bracelets, watches, earrings and even necklaces put the stylish edge on a classic outfit. Give less importance to trendy outfits; leave them for younger generation at your home. You can focus on the accessories–jewelry in bronze, silver or copper adds a glow to an older skin.

  • Cover the round part of your neck or throat (where you have a little loose skin) with a fashionable necklace.
  • Necklaces with little sparkle or colored beads and chunky cuts also make you look glamorous.
  • Longer necklace in a trendy style can be acquired with a high neck collared dress or turtleneck.

Shoes and Purses – Spend more on shoes and purses that are in trend to compliment your classic outfits. Remember that handbags and purses upfront tell about your personality and can show off your age, so keep them current.

New Hairstyle

Coats and Scarves – Have a collection of coats in classic styles. Coats compliment your age. A silk scarf loosely wrapped around your neck also adds a punch to a simple outfit. Scarves, again add that punch of style on your outerwear or coat.

Hairstyle – Keep experimenting with your hairstyle to acquire more stylish and fresh look. If you are one of those women who have a hairstyle for last 20 years, now is the correct time for a new do. Again, your new hairstyle should suit a mature woman. A new hairstyle doesn’t mean you have to look like a young girl living next door. Keep it appropriate to the age. Hairstyle has a greater share in accessorizing your look, so try new cut, color or style and keep it updated.

Final Words

Last but not the least, schedule an appointment with the makeup artist or visit a local departmental store. You will find a lot of new makeup techniques for mature women that will help you accessories your best features and hide the less attractive ones.