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Origin of Thanksgiving Day

Overview Of Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day maybe a new phrase for you, but definitely in America, this day has a great relevance. Americans celebrate this day with great zeal and enthusiasm. It is America’s a preeminent day. Every year, Americans celebrate this day in November month’s fourth Thursday. This day consists to a very great history. The story of Thanksgiving Day is worth listening. In the 16th century, the origin of Thanksgiving Day can be traced when the dinner for Thanksgiving Day has first taken place.  So, let’s read on several factors about origin of Thanksgiving Day.

Journey Of Various Pilgrims Consists To The Origin Of Thanksgiving Day

It is said that in 1620, the pilgrims had passed the Atlantic and in Mayflower, the legendary were sailing vessel. In this journey around 102 pilgrims had traveled for continually two months and on the way, they also found numerous difficulties. Mainly the difficulty occurred because the travelers stayed in the space of the cargo at sailing vessel. Due to the storms, people in the vessel were not allowed to go to the deck. At that situation, the pilgrims started singing psalms that made them feel a bit comfort.

Pilgrims Arrive To Plymouth

On 11th December 1620, after a long journey of total 66 days, the pilgrims arrived in Plymouth which is a rock. However, Plymouth Rock was not actual destination because pilgrims had to reach at a place in North side of Virginia. The terrible winds of the storms did not allow pilgrims to reach at the decided destination and as its result, they reached to Plymouth. The horrible weather conditions killed around 46 pilgrims. About the pilgrims, it is also heard that in spring season of 1621, an Indian native Squanto helped them in survival through food growing.

What Happened In First Festival Of Thanksgiving Day

After learning about growing food like corn, pumpkins and beans from Squanto, the pilgrims learnt the way to survive in that place. When autumn came, they conducted a spectacular celebration and in this celebration, 90 people had been invited. Indian native was also participated in this fest. This festival was celebrated to say thanks to God for all what he did for them. The dinner was named as Thanksgiving Feast by those people. Though, people have different thoughts about First Thanksgiving Feast as some believe pilgrims had dinner together and some say that they had fast and prayed to God on this day.

Other Things About Thanksgiving Feast

This feast was continued for 3 days long and it was organized outside because of lack of space. Till 1623, the feast had not been repeated again and the result came in form of severe drought. In 1676, the Governor Bradford had proclaimed to start Thanksgiving Day. In October month of1677, all 13 colonies participated in this celebration and the event is marked as British history.  In year 1863, President Lincoln had proclaimed that at last Thursday of November month, The Thanksgiving Day will be celebrated every year.

From that time, people in America celebrate this Day with great fun and enthusiasm.