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Jokes and Laughing Indoor Activity for Seniors

One great activity for seniors to do indoors is to gather, share, put together and/or completely create from scratch, funny things which make everybody laugh. Not only will you laugh a lot every day yourself, but through your gathered database and sharing you can lift the mood of other seniors and make your family and friends laugh. Remember that laughter has not only a quick effect, but it is actually a great tool to increase happiness and even health for seniors and non-seniors alike.

What Are the Kind of Things Seniors Can Gather & Share?

Funny Pictures

Jokes and Laughing Indoor Activity for Seniors - Gathering and Sharing

Very easy to do: funny pictures can be found on joke websites or simply by randomly searching Google Images.

Funny Videos

Also extremely easy to gather and share links from YouTube or other video directories. Seniors can also use their favorite search engine to find more videos.

Funny Power Point Presentations or Word documents

Seniors can find and share either already ready presentations or put together a bunch of funny pictures and stories into a power point presentation of their own or even into a Word document and send it to all their friends and family.

Funny Stories – less popular

Although stories can be very nice, people tend to not like to read long texts, so if you want to gather and share funny stories then try to stick to shorter stories for maximum effect.

Create your own funny material

Finally, seniors can create their own custom made funny things, which, especially for friends and family would be very special because they can be custom made for them; especially if you know someone could use a laugh.

Also a Great Group Indoor Activity for Seniors

Jokes and Laughing Indoor Activity for Seniors - Making Friends Laugh

Laughter is probably the best glue between people, so seniors who engage themselves in this indoor activity of gathering and sharing funny things with their friends and family will most likely have great group dynamics, i.e.

  • Make new friends easier
  • Effortlessly enjoy parties by entertaining everybody
  • Maintain wonderful relationships with everyone
  • Be much happier and healthier as a person

Please also see other indoor activities for seniors or browse the entire activities for seniors website for fun, ideas and interesting articles.


  1. Ambassador of laughter! I think this is a fantastic indoor activity for seniors! We have a lot of time and doing this we can laugh a lot and more importantly for me make my family laugh and be happy! Thank you!

  2. I think you can do some “selfish” activities indoors or take up your suggestion about jokes and laughter and then the time you spend indoors alone will not be restricted to you but will radiate joy to other seniors and family!
    Good article!

  3. very nice. laughter for seniors and non-seniors alike is all good!

  4. jokes make laughter which extends the duration of one’s life – perfect for seniors! 🙂

  5. As Stanley said, not only for seniors, laughter is for everyone!
    Anyways, good article!

  6. It is a fantastic idea to collect funny things into a sort of a collection. I have heard about people collecting stamps, pins and many other things – why not also abstract things like jokes?! Great idea! And of course being retired definitely allows time for it!

  7. great indoor activity idea for seniors! and here is a joke to start it off 🙂

    “I told my wife that a man is like a fine wine… I always get better with age. The next day, she locked me in the wine cellar.”