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Cat Breeding Indoor Activity for Seniors

A very close to heart indoor activity for seniors is cat breeding. Although officially it is a business, most cat breeders barely break even with their expenses because they love their cats and kitties so much and make certain to keep them very healthy and happy. So seniors who have a lot of time on their hands and who adore and are very passionate about cats and kitties could consider cat breeding as an indoor activity for themselves.

Indoor Activity Fun and Pleasure Come with Responsibilities & Costs

Cat Breeding Indoor Activity for Seniors - Cat with Vet

While cats and kittens are a great pleasure, they do carry a lot of responsibility for the owner. Seniors would have to take them to the vet when there are health issues and this costs both time and money. Also, the more cats you have the higher the likelihood and frequency of such occurrences.

Vaccinations are needed to be done at regular periods, so this, seniors can schedule or plan, while the issues above are more unpredictable.

So all kinds of such responsibilities seniors would have to be willing to accept: health related, feeding costs, transportation, advertisements & notices, appointments and communication.

Quick Check if Cat Breeding Activity is for you

Cat Breeding Indoor Activity for Seniors - Kitties

  • First and foremost – do you love and adore cats and tiny kittens?
  • Would you have a problem with having several or more cats around you in the house?
  • There are a lot of things to learn about cats and cat breeding. Are you willing to learn more about cats, such as learning which cats to pair up for the best offspring and more boring things like legal rules where you live?
  • Are you willing and able to spend quite some money to make your cats and kittens healthy and happy?
  • Do you understand that cat or animal breeding as such is not supposed to be a very profitable activity because a loving owner will spend a lot of money to take care of his or her kitties and hopefully would just break even with the expenses?

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  1. I definitely would not have thought about this myself. I do love cats so I will think about it. Thanks for the post!