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Indoor Flower Arranging for Seniors

Indoor flower arranging is a more relaxed enjoyable activity for seniors, which involves both mental (creativity) and physical aspects albeit perhaps at a lesser benefit than other senior activities. Nevertheless, there is no measure to beauty and anything which brings more beauty into the heart of people should not be easily dismissed.

Benefits Of Indoor Flower Arranging For Seniors Include:

  • It can serve as a group activity for seniors to make wonderful arrangements with friends while chatting and spending a pleasant time
  • It can greatly increase the appreciation of the home or wherever the seniors happen to be living
  • It does not include any strain or pain which some of the more active activities involve and therefore, naturally, there are no risks of injuries
  • It can also serve as a small business (small flower shop) for those seniors who enjoy flowers and gardening very much and, in addition, wish to remain rather active in the society
  • And last, but not the least, it brings joy and love both to the seniors and also to the family and friends who would receive such presents or participate in making arrangements

Types of Flowers and Arrangements

Indoor Activity for Seniors - Floral Arrangement

First of all it is possible to use both real flowers as well as artificial flowers. Naturally, the real ones are nicer simply due to their wonderful smell, but they do have a relatively short lifespan. Real flowers would also cost more in the long run due to having to replace them at regular basis, however, with real flowers it is also possible to sell the arrangements which seniors can prepare and also give them as gifts for important occasions like weddings or anniversaries.

The designs of flower arrangements are only limited to imagination. This is a really good benefit for seniors because this indoor activity keeps the brain working in pattern recognition, prediction and comparison, which all results in a much healthier brain compared to other more sedentary seniors.

Design ideas can be gotten completely for free from the internet or other flower shops to start with, but as experience is gained seniors can freely imagine their own works of art.

Sharing the Love of Flowers

Anything which makes people smile is a wonderful activity and flower arrangements can certainly make seniors smile as well as their family, friends, guests and anyone they may wish to touch through their beautiful indoor activity.

Although it is completely possible to do indoor flower arranging alone and not engage with anyone, the benefits of interacting with others simply brings a lot more benefit, both mental and physical to the seniors and therefore is highly recommended.

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One Comment

  1. Really a wonderful proposal! I love gardening and, being a retired senior, I spend a lot of time on my garden, but of course with winter and the cold I don’t enjoy as much as in the summer, so I am very happy to see your article “indoor flower arranging for seniors” because now I can do beautiful arrangements like you show here indoors.
    Thank you!