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Fresh Home Made Bread Indoor Activity for Seniors

There is a lot more to bread than most people may realize and therefore a possible indoor activity for seniors can be the preparation of real home-made high quality bread.

In my experience I have already come across the following categories of bread:

The type of bread that most city dwellers eat on daily basis consists of:

  • Breads cooked in “mini mass production” machines at the local supermarket
  • Packaged breads prepared elsewhere and sold at the local supermarket which can stay on the shelf for a lot longer than real bread would even dream about

These 2 types of bread are the worst quality breads that seniors or anyone can possibly eat.

Indoor Activity for Seniors - Home Made Bread Preparation

The Real Bread for Seniors & Family

The real bread is made of high quality natural ingredients without any chemicals and substances which the industry uses. The other types of bread which are real include:

  • The breads as prepared in the old times and still practices in the villages. For example one type of bread is made in a whole made in the earth with fire in the center and the bread on the walls. That bread is so maddeningly delicious and healthy!
  • The breads prepared by artisan or expert bakeries who are masters of their craft and can prepare multitudes of varieties with the only downside being the higher, but well deserved, price.
  • Home-made high quality breads, which is what I propose as a possible indoor activity for seniors

Seniors Cooking Indoors Top Quality Bread

Firstly the activity is a sub-category of indoor cooking itself, so it can also act as a window to a larger world of cooking for seniors.

Secondly, bread is something that most people consume every day and seniors can be certain that not only their own meals would become more delicious with a top quality home-made bread, but also, if they share their bread with their friends and family, there would be a great amount of pleasure involved both for seniors and their surrounding community.

Indoor Activity for Seniors - Making Home-Made Bread

Seniors’ Cooking Level

Depending on the level of knowledge or motivation seniors can start either from scratch and make the entire journey of cooking home-made bread or they can buy one of many bread making machines and do a partial activity. The choice of the complexity is up to you so both beginners and more advanced seniors can get involved with this indoor activity.

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  1. I got really excited from reading this article and I think I will definitely cook some home made bread as an activity

  2. I also think this is a great, even if a small one, indoor activity!

  3. I’d like someone else to have this activity and for me to do the eating 🙂 so tasty!

  4. Davin is right! I’ll try to get my wife to bake fresh home made bread! 🙂
    Thanks for all your “Indoor Activity for Seniors” articles!

  5. I am drooling just reading this article. Thanks for sharing this tasty seniors indoor activity idea