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Indoor Ping Pong Table Tennis for Seniors

Here is a fantastic indoor activity for seniors that practically nobody can resist. Indoor ping pong or table tennis is a great game and social group activity for seniors. More than just being a lot of fun, it is actually quite physically engaging and can even become a very intense activity for those seniors who happen to be very competitive in nature.

The Physical Aspect of Indoor Ping Pong

Indoor Ping Pong Table Tennis for Seniors - Senior Man Playing

Compared to many other activities for the elderly / seniors I think it is safe to say that indoor ping pong is at a far higher level of physical intensity and engagement. It is not uncommon to start sweating within minutes of an exciting game and shortly also become out of breath. Naturally, with practice it gets easier and easier, but the point I would like to make is that those seniors who regularly play ping pong should by all measurements be physically superior to their sofa-loving counterparts and actually also compared to other less physically engaging activities.

So there is a very noticeable benefit from the health aspect of seniors engaging in indoor table tennis / ping pong.

The Social Side of Indoor Table Tennis for Seniors

Table tennis is a wonderful connector of people. It has the ability to connect even those seniors who may have nothing else in common in terms of interests. It is such a simple game also that the learning curve is short so anybody new can start enjoying relatively quickly. Therefore, indoor table tennis or ping pong for seniors presents a great opportunity for fun group activities for seniors. It is possible to:

Indoor Ping Pong Table Tennis for Seniors - Group Activity

  • Regularly play with your partner
  • Use it as an activity to enjoy with children and grandchildren when they come to visit
  • Make tournaments among your group of friends and enjoy a lovely time with prepared food and drinks and music to go alongside the fun ping pong and interesting conversations
  • And it is even possible to play ping pong completely alone either against the wall or by using one of the game consoles available in the shops such as Nintendo Wii or Microsoft XBox Kinect which very many people, young and old, enjoy to a great extent

The Financial Part of Ping Pong for Seniors

Indoor Ping Pong Table Tennis for Seniors - Never too late

What can I say: the rackets are very cheap and so are the ping pong balls even if they break very often. The net can be slightly more expensive, but you only buy it one time for the rest of your life.

As a table you can use any table in the house even if the dimensions may not be matching the real table tennis at all. But of course those seniors who have the space can always purchase a real table tennis for indoors or to place in the garden.

There are also smaller, foldable ping pong tables, which are very affordable. Don’t let the size of the table restrict your pleasure!

Probably the most expensive would be to purchase the game consoles like Nintendo Wii or Microsoft Xbox Kinect, but to be fair, they offer a completely different level of experience and offer a lot more possibilities than just ping pong.

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