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Indoor Swimming for Seniors

Swimming is a great activity for everyone including seniors. It is an indoor activity and nowadays it should be relatively easy to find an indoor swimming pool in the area where you live. Swimming is also a very cheap activity and requires only a very small investment to enjoy. The membership fee, if paid for a year, is usually negligible for any senior person, however, the health and wellness benefits are almost unparalleled when compared to other both outdoor and indoor activities for seniors.

It Can be Competition or Pleasure – You Choose

Certain seniors may wish to just enjoy themselves, which is perfectly fine and they should be able to do so with no difficulty whatsoever. Swimming for pleasure and enjoyment and mingling perhaps with other seniors can be a pleasant way to spend a number of hours. So in this regard swimming can be both an indoor activity and a group activity for seniors.

Likewise, those seniors who want to be more competitive can certainly do so. They are definitely not the first and not the last of the elderly who do not let their age stop their enjoyment possibilities. Those elderly who practice regularly and keep themselves fit are more than capable to properly compete in swimming – perhaps not against young athletes, but definitely in their respective age groups and also in friendly competitions.

Smiling Seniors in Swimming Pool

Swimming is an Indoor Activity for Seniors Greatly Promoting Health

Indoor swimming has been around for a very long time and there are so many studies and proof that it is only beneficial to everybody and perhaps even more for seniors because the aerobic and cardiovascular exercise from swimming which seniors receive is far more beneficial to them rather than to youngsters. For the elderly indoor swimming can literally increase life span as well as the quality of the years due to the health benefits.

There is absolutely no disadvantage or negative effect from swimming for seniors. No risks and no side effects. Seniors can start as slowly or as aggressively as they like. Simply walking inside the water for somebody less fit is perfectly fine. As you enjoy swimming more you will notice that you will be able to swim longer or faster.

Further benefits for indoor swimming for seniors:

  • Indoor swimming can be shared with family and friends
  • It is a very pleasant way of exercising – most people would prefer swimming versus something like a treadmill or other traditional exercise routines
  • Swimming is shock free – there is no danger for seniors for the joints unlike jogging where there is a shock effect on the knees
  • Swimming exercises the entire body and not just one or few body parts
  • Indoor swimming is very cheap
  • No equipment is needed to practice indoor swimming for seniors
  • Indoor swimming for the elderly can create a common activity with grand children where seniors can teach their little loved ones how to swim and thereby spend time with one another

Indoor swimming is truly a fantastic activity for seniors. I hope you have enjoyed this article. Feel free to see other activities for seniors.

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