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Most Fun Thing To Do With Your Computer

Seniors develop a sense of isolation and loneliness because they are mainly confined to limited choices of having fun. This phase of isolation may happen because of many reasons such as:

  • Loss of a spouse
  • Decline in physical and mental well-being
  • Loss of driving ability
  • Decreased vision or hearing ability
  • Friends pass away

As compared to the times in the younger age, they feel more secluded and have very little or no social engagement. The most important thing to realize here is that seniors engage in some kind of activities so that they don’t feel lonely. Well, I recently looked my grandfather working and playing games on the computer. He seems to enjoy it, so I think the most fun thing to do with your computer is to upload activities for seniors and ask your grandparents to take part in them.

Be Generous

I will request everyone who is planning to get a new computer to donate their old ones to a senior or to a senior community center. You can do this by posting an advertisement or putting a notice in the bulletin board in your senior center community. Make sure you clean the hard disk and if you can upload some games, essential software or other fun computer activities that can be used by seniors will be great.

Fun Things Seniors Can Do With A Computer

First make sure that the computer is connected with a good internet connection for seniors. Seniors can enjoy following popular computer activities:

  1. Play online games such as chess or simple pinball games. It’s very effective as it’s a good exercise for the brain.
  2. Seniors Have A Good Time Surfing The Internet

    Download software such as Picasa and can enjoy time by making edits to various pictures. This is one of the activities my grandparents love to do.

  3. Listen to music – seniors love to listen to the music and computer is the perfect way to make a juke box with all the favorite songs.
  4. Youtube is another good website to see and upload videos. You can search millions of movies and music and enjoy it for free.
  5. Download stuffs you like – You may download stuffs which you like. For example, if you love to do some mix with your music; you can download software such as Virtual Disc, where you can mix up your favorite songs.

Seniors Have A Willingness To Learn Computers

The above mentioned were some fun computer activities for seniors that will help them to spend their time with happiness. Another important feature that a computer offers is the use of a webcam to video chat with relatives and friends living long distance. Having a camera on a computer is a bridge to anyone in the family. Even if the senior member doesn’t have knowledge, you can easily teach them as they show a willingness to learn its basic features. For example, my neighbor is 86 years old and she pays all her bills online and she learned to use the computer just two years back. So computer can really open a world as fun activities for seniors. I hope you enjoyed reading and hope you use these ideas practically. Find more such activities in our website by clicking here.