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Christian Games during Bus Trips

Bus trips as activities for seniors can be a great way for seniors to relax, have a great time, socialize with other seniors, and travel to new places that they can enjoy. However, there are some bus trips that will take long hours before they can reach their destination. Long bus trips can be very boring and tiring not just for seniors but for other people as well. To make bus trips fun and to kill the boredom in long hour bus trips, doing various activities can be done.

Games during Bus Trips

Christian Games during Bus Trips

As mentioned above, long bus trips can really be boring and tiring. And to kill boredom and make the bus trip seem short and fast, various activities can be done, such as games. Activities during bus trips should depend on the passengers. If the bus trip is composed of seniors, then planning various activities that seniors can relate should be done. Activities will mostly be games, and there are several different types of games that seniors will love and will totally enjoy.

Christian Games for Seniors

Seniors would love playing games that have something to do with their religion or faith. Making games that revolve around Christian principles can really be beneficial to seniors, since seniors can reemphasize and think about their Christian belief and how well do they know about their religion. Here are some Christian games that can be played during bus trips by seniors and other age groups as well:

  • Charades – Charades can be played using biblical names or characters. To play charades, one person will have to draw a card and the person will have to act out the character. Make sure that the person who is going to act out the character should not say any words or even mouth any words at all times. The person who was able to guess the word correctly first will draw a card and act out next.
  • Ten Commandments – In this game, you can either let each passenger play individually or they can play in groups. To play this game, give each player or each group a pen and a paper for them to write the 10 commandments. The player or group who’s able to write the most correct 10 commandments win and if a player was able to write all 10 commandments in correct order will win a special prize for a job very well done.