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Indoor Group Activities for Seniors Promote Socialization

Just like anybody else, it is very important for an elderly adult to remain active in all physical, mental and social aspects in life. Keeping them engaged in such activities can help in achieving happiness and longevity in life. According to research and studies, elderly adults who continuously challenge their brain in learning new skills, engaging in doing various activities and maintaining social interactions can resist loneliness, depression, and can help in lessening severity of the effects of dementia. Since seniors have the leisure of time to do almost everything they want, they can pursue their hobbies and engage in various leisure activities to keep them active and entertained at the same time.

Importance of Indoor Group Activities for Seniors:

Being stuck inside the house can be very boring and tiring, that is why, there are many different types of indoor activities for seniors, that are not expensive and can be done individually or it can be done in groups. However, group activities are more preferred than activities done individually, since group activities can promote social interactions with other people. Socialization is a very important factor in life, since it can make every senior’s life happy and much higher quality. Seniors who live alone and are not engaging in any group activities age faster and live a poor quality life, compared to other seniors who are living with loved ones and constantly doing activities together.

Indoor Group Activities:

Since there is a wide range of indoor group activities to choose from, here are few indoor group activities that every senior will surely love.

  1. Group of Seniors Playing Scrabble

    BINGO – playing bingo with others can be very fun and interactive. Use bingo cards with large fonts to help seniors see the numbers clearly. To add with the excitement, giving small prizes to the bingo winner can be done.

  2. CHARADES – having to choose certain categories for the words to be used during charades can promote interactions between players. Charades can also stimulate each senior’s brain function, since the player will have to think of the best way he or she can act out, for his or her team members to guess the word picked.
  3. SING ALONGS – this can be pure entertainment to seniors. During the Sing Along, they can prepare foods and beverages to keep them full and quenched at all times.
  4. BOARD GAMES – snakes and ladders, monopoly, chess, scrabble, millionaire’s game, backgammon, checkers, dominoes, wheel and fortune, and all other board games can stimulate players to think of techniques and strategies to win the game.
  5. RECALLING FAMILY TREE – tracing relatives and recalling family heritage can help in stimulating the mind by recalling as many generations as they can of their family tree.

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