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Arts and Crafts for Seniors with Dementia

Activities for seniors that seniors would really love and have a lot of fun from doing the said activities should be the most important factor to consider when choosing activities for seniors. One type of activities for seniors that is simple and fun for seniors to engage in is arts and crafts. There are a lot of fun and simple arts and crafts ideas for seniors, even for seniors with special care needs, such as dementia. However, it is very important to keep the activity simplified, so that it can accommodate seniors’ physical and mental limitations.

Activities for Seniors with Dementia: Arts and Crafts

Seniors with dementia do not have similar attention and care requirements. Every senior suffering from dementia has different needs, and in all activities for seniors with dementia, it should meet every senior’s likes and needs. Arts and Crafts ideas for seniors with dementia should be kept simple and quite challenging as possible, but not to the extent that can cause frustration to the senior. There is really no end to arts and crafts for seniors, with or without dementia, since arts and crafts is really up to one’s own imagination.

Activities for Seniors: Working with Seniors with Dementia

Even a senior is suffering from dementia, they should not be degraded and treated as a little child. You should give the seniors suffering from dementia space while he or she is working on his arts and crafts. Give seniors as much independence as possible and allow them to create their own personalized craft out from their own creativity. Offer help when needed and just constantly monitor the senior with dementia as he or she is doing his or her craft.

Arts and Crafts Ideas for Seniors with Dementia

Do not overwhelm the senior with a lot of different art materials and complicated arts and crafts activities. Just provide a few art materials that are useful. Always remember that arts and crafts for seniors with dementia are done for therapeutic purposes and help the senior relax and engage in brain stimulating activities. Here are some simple yet fun activities for seniors with dementia under Arts and Crafts:

  • Playing with Play Dough– Aside from letting the creative side of the senior with dementia to work, this type of activity is also a great way in exercising and stretching the fingers and hands. There are pre-made play dough that can be bought in stores or you can help seniors to make their own play dough by using flour, water, and coloring. Play dough allows the senior to create whatever they can think of, may it be animals, plants, shapes, houses, buildings, food, etc.

    Senior Painting

  • Painting – painting is a very simple and fun arts and crafts activities for seniors. You can ask seniors to paint vases, rocks, frames, or even on canvass. Painting can also be done outdoors, which can be beneficial for seniors, with or without dementia. Whatever result or finished product you get from seniors, always show appreciation and never tell seniors negative feedbacks.
  • Scrapbooking – Give seniors old magazines and newspapers and ask them to cut out picture that they find interesting. And ask seniors to create a personalized page or an entire scrapbook. You can even give or suggest themes for seniors’ scrapbook ideas, such as summer, favorite things, favorite food, clothes, family, etc.

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  1. Wow! These are great activities. Why not right? Thanks for your dedication for the elderly.

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