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Group Activities for Seniors with Dementia

Dementia is a syndrome that can affect older adults and can be expected from normal aging. Dementia is characterized by serious loss of global cognitive ability in older adults who were unimpaired during earlier in their lives. However, aside from normal aging, dementia can be caused by an injury to the brain or progressive decline of the body that’s caused by certain medical conditions. In seniors with dementia, they usually show a decline in certain areas of cognition including memory, attention, language, and solving problems.

Group Activities for Seniors with Dementia

Group Activities for Seniors with Dementia

Since the affected area of dementia in adults is their cognitive abilities, activities that involve the brain to work are the most beneficial activities for seniors with dementia. Seniors with dementia should join in doing group activities especially for them. Group activities for seniors with dementia can help in stimulating the brain to function and group activities can also provide socialization among other seniors with dementia, which can help in slowing down the deterioration physically and mentally. For seniors with cognitive disabilities on early stages, group activities that can stimulate brain function can really help in retaining their comprehension skills, so that they can still enjoy playing board games and do some physical activities, like walking.

Therapeutic Benefits of Group Activities for Seniors with Dementia

Depression, Agitation, and Angry Outbursts are reduced or are not like to happen in seniors with dementia who join group activities. It will be better to make all the activities in group sessions with seniors with dementia to be tailored according to their interests. Caregivers should not limit seniors to do only one activity. A variety of activities can be very helpful in increasing the range of brain stimulation and it can also ensure that all seniors with dementia can really enjoy.

Cognitive Group Activities for Seniors with Dementia

Offering cognitive activities during group sessions of seniors with dementia can help in warding off depression and anxiety. Aside from that, cognitive group activities can help seniors with dementia cope with their current condition related to dementia. This type of activities can help in slowing down cognitive deterioration. Letting seniors identify certain photos of animals, places, artists, etc., can help in stimulating cognitive functions. Encouraging seniors to recall and story his or her previous life can be considered as a cognitive activity. Cognitive group activities will not only provide stimulation of their brain functions, it can also improve socialization and it can improve their memory capabilities.


  1. I need to find senior activity centerfor my mother n law who has dementia

  2. I need to find a senior activity center in my area for my mother n law with dementia.