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Reading Indoor Activity for Seniors

As much as possible, it is very important for seniors to stay active for the longest possible time. Keeping both the body and the mind active should be done to improve seniors’ quality of life and slow down the aging process. However, it is inevitable for everyone to age and there will soon be effects on the physical body and strength, which gives seniors limitations in doing physical activities. For seniors with physical limitations, there are still activities that are perfect for them, that can be done to keep their minds active and keep their body active as much as possible.

Importance of Reading Books in Seniors:

If seniors’ physical opportunities are covered, there is still a way to keep their mind sharp, and that is through reading. Reading can be one of the best hobbies or activity a senior can do indoors. Through reading, it can promote seniors’ brain function, improve memory capabilities, help in preventing dementia, and improve concentration and focus.

Advantages of Reading:

Senior Woman Reading

Since reading will always be an active process, seniors can gain numerous benefits from it, which include:

  1. Decreases Boredom – spending long hours reading a book may sometimes feel like only a few minutes. Reading interesting books can keep a reader entertained for a long period of time.
  2. Reading books are an inexpensive means of entertainment.
  3. Improve reasoning skills – usually, book contents contain arguments regarding the reader’s opinions that do not coincide with the author’s. The reader will then use his or her reasoning skills to come up with a better and more effective idea than the author’s. This way, the senior reading will be engaged into more thinking, which can improve his or her brain’s function.
  4. Helps maintaining cognitive abilities.
  5. Provides new learning.

Factors to Consider in Choosing Books to Read:

Seniors usually find it difficult to read fine letters in reading materials, and difficult in focusing to read an entire thick book. Some considerations must be taken when choosing right reading materials for seniors to enjoy, these include:

  1. Find books or other reading materials with large fonts that can be easy for them to read clearly. Seniors usually have problems with their eyesight, which makes reading small letters hard for them.
  2. Topics of reading materials to be used by seniors should belong to their interests. Reading uninteresting topics will just bore them.
  3. Seniors should read current newspapers and magazines to keep them updated with the current events.

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