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Sorry Board Game Indoor Activity for Seniors

One of the most favorite recreations of seniors is playing board games with their family, friends, or peers. Senior citizens have different strengths and interests so they might find one board game particularly fun and interesting than another. Some people like being challenged so board games with complicated directions might appeal to them. Others might be turned off with confusing instructions so they choose board games which are easy to play and if possible, easier for them to win!

Why Playing Board Games Is A Good Indoor Activity For Seniors?

Sorry Board Game Indoor Activity for Seniors

Playing board games is an excellent idea especially when the weather is too cold or too hot. Seniors don’t have to endure long hours of boredom or silence inside their homes or care centers because there are numerous board games that they could choose from.

What is the Sorry Board Game?

Among all the board games out there, a good indoor activity for seniors would be the Sorry board game. This is a classic game that needs plenty of determination and strategy. A little luck along the way is not also bad. Anyone can play this but this is particularly fun for seniors because the instructions are very easy to remember and to follow.

How to play the Sorry board game

The game board comes with 16 pawn movers and 1 deck of Sorry cards. Playing the Sorry board game is such a breeze so it would be hard not to like it. All you need to do is select your Start and Home base as well as your four pawn movers. Then, choose a card and follow the instructions written on it. The position of the four pawn movers will change depending on the instructions from the card. The first person who successfully brings the four pawn movers from the Start base to the Home base will win the game.

The Essentials of the Game

Nevertheless, winning should not be the main goal of this indoor activity for seniors. The most important thing is to have fun, develop stronger relationship with loved ones, and keep the mind active. If you get frustrated easily when playing a new board game, keep in mind these simple reminders:

  1. Take your time in learning how to play the Sorry board game.
  2. There is always room for mistakes.
  3. Having a partner is more fun.

    have fun, develop stronger relationship with loved ones, and keep the mind active

This way, you would not feel any negative feelings when you cannot play the game right. It would also make you feel good that you have discovered another wonderful indoor activity which you can share with family and friends.

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