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Crossword Puzzle for Seniors

As people get older, loss of mental sharpness usually happens, and most people think that it is part of the natural ageing process. However, studies and research show that the ageing process has nothing to do with the current epidemic of severe mental deterioration in most seniors. The fact is, the human brain’s function is highly affected with numerous external and internal factors of the human body. Ongoing stress, sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy diet, alcoholic beverage consumption, some medications and environmental pollutants can all have bad or negative effects to the neurons (brain cells) found in the human brain. People who abuse their bodies and not doing anything to promote brain function are at a higher risk of developing severe mental deterioration, such as dementia. However, there are some ways that can be done to help in rebuilding brain function and maintain neural functions, especially in seniors.

The Human Brain:

The human brain is so complex, that it has the power to influence everything a person voluntarily and involuntary do. That is why, it is very important to keep the brain at its best, for better brain functioning, maintain mental sharpness, and prevent memory gaps. For seniors, their brains are still able to grow, develop brain cells, and stretch some parts of the brain. Doing brain exercises, such as brain puzzles and games, can be beneficial to anyone, especially to seniors.

Crossword Puzzle:

Blank Crossword Puzzle

This is a type of word puzzle that normally comes in a square or rectangular grid of both shaded and not shaded squares. Each not shaded square has a corresponding number. Clues are then provided according to the direction and the corresponding number.

Objectives of the Game:

In crossword puzzle, the goal is to fill all not shaded squares with letters, which then form words and or short phrases. The clues provided with their corresponding numbers and the direction on how to write the letters should be answered, in order to complete the puzzle. The shaded or black square of the puzzle serves as a division to separate a certain word or short phrases.

Other Benefits of Crossword Puzzle:

Aside from maintaining the function of the brain, Crossword puzzle can also promote better concentration and relaxation. Since concentration is needed to be able to answer the puzzle, which brings the senior answering into a meditative-like state, which can then result in relaxation.

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